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Hernia/Ostomy belt experiences, comments and reviews

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I have a 60 mm hole Flat Panel Support Belt from Nu-Hope. My stoma bag is 57mm and I find that this fits my appliance perfectly. Although originally I was excited to finally receive mine as it took 6 weeks to arrive. I love the support it offeres to my prolapsed or herniated stoma (not one doctor can agree on the term!) but after a month I have had a few annoyances and irritations (physical and emotional!) . Curious to see if other have had the same or maybe have tips. I 

1- who came with the idea of white for a hernia belt with all the potential issues that can occur with our appliances? Considering it’s my first complaint about it it’s really not the end of the world it’s just annoying as I try best best to keep it white  and it is difficult to do so as you need to be careful on how you wash it. But I have figured out tricks! If you have stains use a stain remover previous to soaking (I use a cat stain remover as we have 6 cats and seems to work very well). After an hour or 2 depending on the stains I soak it overnight if I can but at least a few hours in warm water with a little laundry detergent sometimes a touch of bleach depending on the soiling. I scrub it by hand and rinse it vigourously. I don’t have time to air dry so after I ring it out I dry it in the dryer on délicates using  air no heat. Takes about 20-40 minutes.

-2 I paid about 150$ for mine and hesitated getting one as I didn’t know how long I would require the use of the belt. My stoma is supposedly temporary but my second surgery date is unknown. I would strongly suggest to get two. As I hate not having my belt on when I have to wash it and I try to wash it as properly as possible and not rush it as it is an expensive item and should be washed/dried with care. As of now I only have one but I’m seriously considering purchasing a second one.

-3 I drive a lot And i notice that the centre seem can be annoying and sometimes folds back on itself and irritates the skin. Even in normal circumstances I need to move the belt on my left side several times as it can be annoyingly uncomfortable. Having said that I put up with it as I hate an unsupported hernia/stoma. To cut down on the irritation I stick a washcloth in there which seems to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling the belt gives me. Sometimes if the Velcro isn’t fastened properly it does chafe and irritates the skin.

-4 theres a larger softer Velcro pad but a smaller harsher Velcro strip that matches on to it to secure the belt. I feel the smaller strip should be a little larger to secure the belt better. My big complaint is that whatever soft Velcro at the end of the belt tends to flap around and doesn’t seem to always want to stay in place depending on the activities. A larger attaching Velcro would definitely improve this. 

i have smaller issues which are minor but I do like this belt and it does make my life  situation vastly better as I hate not wearing my belt (I sleep with it most of the time) I despise washing as I’m not wearing it ?. But the annoyance from what I’ve listed above does get tiring at times and occasionally (rarely!) I do remove it when lying on my back on the couch. On thé plus side however it does help keep my flange glued to my skin and help create a better seal and less leaking issues!. Having said that if some liquid get trapped under my flange it does sometimes give me a burning sensation which only goes away when I change appliance and build up layers of stoma powder  ans skin prep (crusting I believe this is called)

id like to hear other experiences on their belts or tips. Hell anything!! As I dont see much on these support belts spoken about here.