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Dressing with an Ostomy: A Guide for Ladies (Part 3)

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Hi Robin, I’m 72, my stoma Ruby will be 5 this weekend, and I echo Linda LK and Chelly on those stretchy pants/leggings/jeggings (going one size up works wonders - the waistbands of everything hits me right in the center of my two-piece Hollister plate). My stomach sticks out on the left (stoma) side and the pouch is bulky; I am self-conscious but do what I can to camouflage it and generally feel ok about it. Welcome to the group. The clothing ideas for women on this VO website are fun to look at and very helpful. LL

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What is sticking out like a sore thumb to you, might not even be noticeable to others. I can imagine that looking down on your ostomy bag, you could think that it's very obvious for others to see. 

You know what? Often, other people are too busy with themselves or their phones to notice anything different with people around them. If you have some friends or family members, you could ask them if they ever notice your appliance sticking out. They'll probably surprise you with their answer.

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