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Seroquel causing Liquid Output

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Tony H
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Hi the doc has put me on Seroquel (25mg)to calm me down at night time and get some sleep ,however it's causing looser output and slight ballooning  ,

Has any one else used this drug before and had problems ,

On the plus side I'm having good restful sleeps with pleasant dreams 😴 

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Hi Tony - I haven’t used this medication, but here are some articles on its use as a sleep med:


When I have sleep issues (which happens more frequently as I get older) I use a very low dose (3mg) of Melatonin, and that helps me fall asleep within 15 minutes. Occasionally, I will double that dose, but I could triple it if I needed to. I find that a few days to up to a week of the melatonin routine usually gets me back into a sleep rhythm. 


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Posted by: @tony-h

however it's causing looser output and slight ballooning  ,

Is that resulting in leaks or blowouts?

It's possible that those side effects may be temporary. Have you just started taking them?

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Tony H
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Yeah just started taking them Eric and they seem to be effective, I'll give it a month and start sleeping on my back with pillows to stop me turning  

Thanks for that Laurie ,will check that out 


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That's a pretty heavy duty med to give you for sleep Tony. I would be asking for something safer like what Laurie suggested or trazadone. Doctors tend to prescribe things off label which sounds like what they did with you. 

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