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Question about hernia belts

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Hi Eric! I have a question regarding the Hernia support belts in general... I herniated next to my stoma just after my second surgery about 7 years ago. I have a little extra weight in front, but nothing resembling a beer belly or anything.  I DO look like I've swallowed a softball, however - the hernia. I need a belt that has enough support to pull the hernia back in. Which belts (companies, models) offer the most support to accomplish this?

Thanks in Advance,

Simon Powell

Cincinnati,  OH

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Hey Simon,

Welcome to the forums. 

My first suggestion when looking at hernia belts is to go in an see a stoma nurse. Most belts require measurements to get them to fit right, and there are quite a few brands who offer subtle differences to their hernia belts that you may want to explore. Some will work better for prevention and others work better for supporting an existing hernia.

Nu-Hope is a popular brand, but there are many more as you can see:

I've been testing various hernia belts over the last several months, but I'm not ready to put out any reviews for them yet (I even have a Nu-Hope belt that I haven't even taken out of the package in like a month...).

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