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Hello everybody.  


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23/12/2017 11:12 am  


I have been regularly coming back to this wonderful website and forum but decided to join and share and learn from people like me who are on the front line.

A little about me.

Well I live in Wales and I am 61 yrs old and 6 weeks ago underwent emergency surgery for Crohn`s Disease. The surgeon removed some of the intestine leaving me with a Ileostomy stoma.  After spending 2 days in intensive care and the rest of the time slowly recovering in hospital they have allowed me to come home for xmas. But alas before leaving and on results of the days blood tests it seems I am very low on magnesium (again !!!) So its back to the ward for a infusion to top my levels back up again. I realise that low mag levels could affect the heart so I try to eat high mag foods and take the supplements they gave me. The trouble is the mag level still drops???.

Sometimes, I have found that when low in this mineral it also affects my calf muscles so walking more than 50 yds and it’s a struggle.

I am currently trying out bone broth and would appreciate any members views on recipes while I simmer my bones in the slow cooker.

At present I am also having ballooning problems and bag leaks. But having had boxes and boxes of samples sent to me, I am still evaluating the products which will be suitable.

Well that’s my short introduction and will return to the forum and website often to learn from others.

Best wishes for xmas to all and would like to say a big thank you to Eric for administering this valuable resource.


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23/12/2017 1:11 pm  

Welcome Nigel.

Is always great to get a new 'speaking' member here. We all have things to learn and share.


Things will get better, I know you have probably heard that before, but its true. Once you regain your health the world will look normal again. 

First off...EZ-Vents. Read about them, if you haven't already, on one of Eric's great reviews. These things have literally saved me, they work.


For me, the thing I was always low on was potassium. I had infusions while I was ill ( painful ones!). Hopefully as you heal you will begin to be able to eat a wider variety of foods , and absorb their nutrients.  I think natural sources are always preferred to pills and infusions. I don't know anything about bone broth, but things like whole grains, nuts, leaves and beans are good sources of magnesium.  Do you have access to a nutritionist? That might help too. The sooner you can begin to get more exercise the better you will feel.

Anyway, welcome. I sure others will be of more help right now.

Onset of severe Ulcerative Colitus Oct.2012. Subtotal colectomy with illiostomy July 2015; Peristomal hernia repair ( Sugarbaker, mesh, laparoscopic) May 2017.

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23/12/2017 3:17 pm  

Hi Nigel,

A Welsh lad, we re neighbours as i am in Northern Ireland, When you say that yer havin trouble with ballooning is that's what is causing the leaks or something else. Only being 6 weeks yer output will be high but that should settle down. Now on the product front Eric has done a piece on Product Overload, picking a wafer and pouch can be tricky, do you have a stoma nurse helping out or a support group. i am firing a lot of question at ye lad but the more info the more feed back ye will get. Leaks ain,t a whole lot of fun but that will settle. Best wishes to you as well for Christmas but don,t be leaving it until after to come back with questions, stomas don,t take holidays lol.   :-D 

ileostomy 31st August 1994 for Crohns

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23/12/2017 6:51 pm  

Nigel, Welcome!! You came to the right place !! I wish you and yours the best holidays as best as you can at this time.. I too suffer from low mag.. It is related of dehydration also-- If you go to a picture or name and  click on me or anyone, you will understand me and most of US that suffer of a long healings. We are family here........ I get hydrated 3x/wk. along with 2 bags of mag per week.. IT has been 3 years for me.. You will level out in time with everything.. first step is healing.. For some it is an easy healing, for some not so.. This is a major surgery for you never mind the mental response of this. Your new, and your blood counts will level out.. I do understand the leg cramps. !!!!!!  Mag proper level is 1.7-- Seems my normal 1.5  I am not text book. My leg cramps I found was when I was not moving around.. But like I said, I am in or going into my 4th year. They do get better.. I found that that when awaking I must move slowly and doing any kind of the streching is the worst thing for me!! Keep note of this.. When getting out of bed, keep your legs close to your body, and slowly move them to a walking.. All I ask of my family is NOT to yell "fire" ! :-)

If you and proberly do have an high out put- (most do at first) this will go down.. And you will receive your proper nutritions. You have much healing to do and your body has much to adjust to.. I also have visited my heart Dr. again, and everything if working very well.. still!! 

So, getting real upset right now is not in favor of your healings.  But you seem to have good Doctors watching you and I am sure that everything will come to normal later on.. eat small meals 4 times a day, that you can digest right now.. I am 68 yrs. It takes "time"-- "hate that word-as I want it yesterday" -- to slow for me.. But that is what it is TIME!!!!!!!!! We have a friend on here Barb.  I have set a place at my Christmas table for her as she is back in the hospital--I will do the same for you.. You have been re-born again... You will be thankful for this re-birth later when you get everything together for yourself.. Remember, you come first now..  And Eric has so much on the blog to help you through as we do also..  By best, Marcie..

2014 - 3 strangulations of colon, Ulcerative colitis, removal of colon, illiostomcy named woooh Nellie..

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23/12/2017 8:37 pm  

Welcome Nigel . This is a good place to be and to be learning and also giving your own experience so others can learn . 

Subtotal colectomy and Proctectomy , Ileostomy , Ulcerative Colitis

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23/12/2017 9:49 pm  

Welcome to our world. I understand that the Welsh are unique in their outlook on life. Tell us about it. We have a lot to learn from each other besides  normal or abnormal pooping problems.  :-D .

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23/12/2017 10:07 pm  

Ya, talk about moving our "port" hole huh??? Now we can see it.. :-( or :-) 

Always interested in other countries and lives.. Now that we Or me mostly, cant take those trips anymore, would love a trip of sorts through your eyes!! We will do the same over here in the USA.. 

2014 - 3 strangulations of colon, Ulcerative colitis, removal of colon, illiostomcy named woooh Nellie..

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23/12/2017 10:41 pm  

Welcome, Nigel! 

Glad that you've joined us! 

You're going to want to speak with your primary doctor to figure out what's causing the magnesium to drop - could be many reasons and none are worth taking a chance on. 

The ballooning and leaks may take some time to figure out - does your hospital have a stoma nurse you can connect with?


Just your friendly neighborhood ostomate.

~ Crohn's Disease ¦ Ileostomy ~

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