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Getting to know me?  


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October 30, 2018 3:01 pm  

I hope I'm doing this in the right way :P

My name is John and I'm 59 years old. That looks unbelievable in print :(  I have (or had) diverticulosis. Apparently at one point it went to diverticulitis and formed a pocket that joined with my bladder. It was called a colovestule fistula and caused me to have a lot of urinary tract infections, pee through my butt and fart through my penis. I asked 3 guys if they ever heard of this. I don't recommend doing that. So I finally asked a doctor.  They removed about 2 1/2 feet of my colon. This is supposed to be reversible. I go back to the surgeon December 5th to see if I'm ready. I believe the diverticulosis is gone. I was scared because my father had Crohn's Disease and went through hell with it. I guess that's what's relevant so I'll stop there. If you want my life story, I'll be happy to tell you, just ask.

Thank you Eric for this. I am SO glad I found you on YouTube and that you have this site. You are a very special guy to do all this and you're helping me (and others) through a difficult and scary time in my life.

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October 30, 2018 3:26 pm  

Hi John, Its always great to hear the journey each member has been through, I am 50 and have my ostomy because of crohns. I spend most of 1994 in hospital and was very grateful to my stoma who is called Sammy. Have lived a very normal life with and because of my ostomy. No doubt this site have been a life line for so many, If Eric had to shake hands with all the folk he,s helped he would be a busy lad with a very sore arm :-) 

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October 30, 2018 4:02 pm  

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story, johnnydi! I hope that your Dec 5th appointment goes well and that things go great until then :)