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Gattex for enhanced nutrient absorption  


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05/01/2018 10:23 pm  

One of our forum members @shulmjs mentioned a drug called "Gattex".

I actually came across this medication when I was at the Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (AIBD) conference in Orlando last year, but I had no knowledge of it at all.

It's designed to "enhance the absorptive capacity" in people who have short bowel syndrome, but can also include people who've had their bowel resected due to Crohn's Disease, trauma, strangulated hernia, and others.

I really don't know much else about the drug at this time, but it may be worth looking at if you suffer from nutrient absoption issues or rely on parenteral support.

If you've been on it, I'd love to hear your experiences! 

More info can be found at

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