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I will be having LAPS COLECTOMY W/PROCTECTOMY and W/ILEOSTOMY - projected post surgery hospital say of ~3-4 days.

I am in good health and have been training since Feb 4-5 times a week, cardio and strength training for late July early August Masters Track and Field competitions.

My surgeon wants me up and walking the night of my surgery, he told I should be able to start to do crunches again in 2-3 weeks and start strength work in ~4 weeks, I am guessing this is a bit optimistic but I am hoping it is not impossible.

Have any of you who trained regularly before your surgery and went into the surgery in good health been able to resume training sooner rather than later (with your doctors approval).

Any suggestions how to prevent hernia when weight training?

What has worked for others who train with weights?

Thank you.


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I wish I had the opportunity to get in better shape before surgery, but even in my state, I was up and walking 5km at a time within a month. I don't think you'll have issues, but take it slow and go by "feel" (you will be in some pain for at least the first few weeks). 

If your core is already strong, then you've reduced the risk of a hernia already. Age also plays a role.

I've been told to wait a year before core training, and that could simply be a matter of practising extra caution. 

Do you have a stoma nurse you'll be able to contact or get advice from once you've had the surgery? They may suggest a hernia prevention belt early on.

Good luck! 

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my recovery was greatly slowed down from lack of sufficient pain medications.   the doses of morphine at hospital were not enough to reduce pain.  I too was walking the 2nd day of surgery but in great pain.   I discharged myself at day 7 and was accidently given a double dose of morphine,   I felt normal within 2hrs, i got home, made myself breakfast , walked all over the house and felt fine til the meds wore off in the evening.    if given sufficient dosage of pain killers I could have been home at day 3-4.

i would ask your surgeon once he has opened you up, what are your risk factors.   ask if a hernia occured, what would be the repair and how would that effect you after? a weight lifting belt may be the solution but I'd think rather uncomfortable.

I myself do not lift weights.  I can lift a 90lb cement bag off the ground without worries, I worked back slowly.   I prefer long periods of less stressed workouts.  I will cross country ski by only using my ski poles(core muscles -similar to crunches), no leggs for miles at a time, kayak 10 miles by using more core muscles than arm strength.

a couple years back there was an ostomy guy at UOAA web site that was a body builder,  he rushed back a bit too fast and ended up with a hernia.  finding the right medical professionals to help you most likely will not be easy.  my surgeon did tell me if I kept in shape as I was during surgery I'd be safe from a hernia.  so far 14yrs later, many ski races,kayak races and mtn bike races later,  I'm ok.





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You probably need to be extra careful to maintain them. I am mildly active at work and otherwise. Even in cold weather I am having cramping issues. Now that it is warmer it is worse. I have Pedialyte at work and at home. It helps a lot. Gatorade helps, but is not optimal.



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Good Morning,

Thank you for your thoughts.


I will talk to the ostomy nurse again next week when we order my first month supplies and I will bring the hernia belt up again.  If they do not suggest one I will most likely order one from Nu Hope just to try.  


I do plan to slowly get back into things.

I asked surgeon the day I left hospital if I would be able to compete in my Javelin competition late July he said yes I should be able to. I know right now an injury would just set me back further so I am being pretty cautious.


Yes to the electrolytes!  I am drinking 60 oz liquids a day and right now half of that is electrolytes the other half water / coconut water.

I am also taking supplemental vitamins in liquid form. Looking forward to my first blood work to see what all my levels look like.

Have a good day.


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