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Feeling like I have a full bowel

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You guys, I am so embarrassed to ask this!  I had a colostomy a little over a year ago.  The problem is, I still feel like I need to poop all the time.  I know there's mucus that will sometimes be expelled, but that's not what I'm talking about.  I feel like I have a very full bowel and I need to relieve myself.  Like, constantly.  My doctor can't find a reason for this, says I'm absolutely fine.  Does anyone else experience this?  I suppose it could be nerve damage of some sort.  I just want to know I'm not some sort of freak.

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Hi Alida, I experience that occasionally and think it might be just how my insides have settled (perhaps a nerve, as you wondered). Ostomate bodies are so peculiar - sometimes I feel like one of those creatures in that bar early on in Star Wars, the one where Luke Skywalker met Han Solo. LL

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Hello Alida... I  have that feeling on a regular bases too.  I do think LLNorth is right.  If its been checked out then its likely nerves and the bulk of scar tissue that formed after surgery putting that as I think of it as sort of   replacement tissue in the area.  I know from tests that large portions of my small bowel are bound with scar tissue  & I'm pretty sure thats what that lower pressure is from also.  I do find that the longer I'm on my feet the more that pressure bothers me. 

 I try to think of this as a good thing as though its the body doing something right by forming the scar tissue and trying to be protective of  the area.  When it bothered me enough I would make my way to the washroom & just sit  & push a little as though trying to expel that mucus.  Kind of like giving the nerves & pressure exactly what its asking for! Lolol

I'm sure you'll adjust as I have to that annoying & at 1st  even scarey feeling & then maybe once our brains figure out the feeling you'll be able to ignore it better. I know its gotten way better for me once I was able to reason it out this way.  Don't ever be embarassed or ashamed to ask these kind of questions.   I think this is one reason our Eric intended this site for in the 1st place.   To give all  Ostomates  a safe place to fall.  ** ALWAYS get this feeling checked out by your doctors first to be sure its safe to figure out this kind of reasoning.** 


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I have an ileostomy with complete removal of the rectum and I will still get the feeling that I need to poop occasionally. It is very odd. Luckily it does not happen often and goes away quickly. Takes me by surprise every time.


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I've had that feeling rarely (after this long with an ileostomy), and it's a very strange feeling to have again!

It is considered normal, but I wonder why you're having that feeling constantly. I would continue to let your doctor know if it continues or that feeling becomes painful. 

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does it feel like you have to go OR feels more like constipation?  i get feelings of constipation, where stretching exercises help or plan excercise, walking or biking.   I wonder if the feelings could be internal muscle tention?   try deep knee bends, squatting.

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