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Probiotic drinks

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With partial sigmoid colon removal 2 years ago, I am interested in whether DanActive probiotic drinks are beneficial?

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Hi @jillian,

I moved this topic to a more appropriate sub forum so it can get more exposure.

Are you looking for any specific benefits, or are you considering adding probiotics to your diet to improve your overall health?

I don't use probiotics on a regular basis, and tend to prefer prebiotics to feed and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria already in my gut.

Regular foods like bananas, oats, apples, etc. are a good sources of prebiotics.

I do, however, use probiotics after using antibiotics. This can help to add back any beneficial bacteria that was lost.

I don't know much about that specific product, but probiotics can get complicated. Not all strains are beneficial, and the number of probiotics in any given “dose” may not be large enough to have beneficial effects.

Generally speaking, you'll want a large amount of varied strains to get the most benefit.

Probiotics aren't without some side effects. When you first start taking it, you could experience extra gas or even liquid output (diarrhea). This tends to be temporary and should go away after your gut normalizes.




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