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Anyone golf with a stoma?

Any issues from the twisting motion?

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Not personally, but before I had my surgery a friend told me that the manager of her local golf course, who is a longtime friend of hers, has an ostomy. She was telling me this to assure me that people could still have good, normal lives, said that he does all the work he always has - managing a golf course includes labor - and, of course, he plays golf, which he loves. 

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Just tried my golf swing with a stick.  Twisting pretty mild, kayaking twist is more pronounced.  

If you're scheduled for a bag change Wednesday, I wouldn't golf Tuesday.  Better to golf day of change or second,  maybe third day depending on your changing cycles  .

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Posted by: @dogtalkerer

Twisting pretty mild, kayaking twist is more pronounced.  

Yes, I think you're right. I've done kayaking post surgery, and didn't notice any complications with my bag.

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Rick, I would suggest that you go to a driving range, hit a bucket of balls and see how it feels. I would bet that you won’t have any problems. Have fun.



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Posted by: @rick

Anyone golf with a stoma?

Any issues from the twisting motion?


so far no problems for me.     i play 9 holes 2 or 3X a month.    definately cant ( or just afraid to ) swing as hard as i used to but that happens when you get old........

    go hit a bucket and see how you feel.    id advise going half speed to start.   


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I'm in a wheelchair so going to the course is out of the question. However, I have lots of property around me and can stand for brief amounts of time so I'm still hitting golf balls on the farm. Twisting for a drive has not been a problem at all. Now I just wish my autistic son who likes to join me could control his ball flight a bit better! LOL

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