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11 days and countin...
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11 days and counting...  


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November 8, 2020 1:30 pm  

Most people in this forum seems to believe that 2 to 4 days is the « normal » life range of wafers. I was one of those too. But since my late experience differs widely I challenge this routed belief. I think people got to search obsessively until they find a combination that gives them a longer range. Since I switched to Convatec mouldable wafer and Stomadhesive paste WITH belt ( very important)I can go as far as 2/weeks. I spent hundreds of dollars to learn that the Salts paste is garbage for example. Spend/learn/search is the only way. As for my experience I found that

1. You have to wear a belt if you expect the long run (firmly attached)

2. Paste mark can make a huge difference 

3. If you use a ring make sure first try the Brava protective (I don’t actually use it, too expensive and doesn’t last as long as my paste WITH my mouldable wafer) and that the ring is SMALLER than your stoma

4. Make sure you try a convex wafer at least once if you use a flat one, even if you don’t need it

5. That may be personal but a mouldable wafer is far less prone to melting than rings alone.

6 That one is HUGE: try to « repair » your wafer. I once had to change a Hollister when I realized in horror I missed the bag to go with and it was Sunday, no way to buy something. So I peeled off the wafer gently (80% of it) and after cleaning my skin I just add new paste around and put the wafer back with belt firmly attached believing it won’t last more than hours, at most. Well it lasted four days! You can also add the Adapt adhesive in spray before putting it back. I found that the Hollister after adapts well to this technique contrary to the Salts. Others I don’t know...

7 Finally please try a mouldable wafer WITH paste and belt. I’m on my 11th day on mine and didn’t experience leaks or burning or anything!

As a side note I don’t believe I have a special skin or anything. If I can do it you probably can too. Don’t believe the 2-4 days mantra. Even my stoma nurse believe that most people can last a week with their wafer. Why wouldn’t you?

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November 8, 2020 10:28 pm  

I usually change every 5 days.  I could go longer, but my hair starts to get too long under the wafer and becomes itchy.  


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November 9, 2020 2:43 am  

While it’s always great to hear about a good wear time, very long periods I feel could cause a lot of skin problems. Also wearing a convex wafer when not needed is not a good idea. Please don’t feel I am putting your achievements down but this may not be for everyone. Good skin care is the key to long time health 😀

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November 9, 2020 3:14 pm  

Much of the wear time we aim for factors in quite a few variables: cost, skin health, hair growth, wafer erosion, physical activity, etc. 

While I do enjoy a good challenge for wear time (and have often gone 10+ days), it doesn't' so my skin any good. After a while, my skin does not like it, my hairs grow back, and the edges of the wafer begin to peel within an extended wear session, so I prefer to change more often than that. 

My feels are this: If you can get long wear times without compromising your skin's health, then by all means, do it! Some of us who pay out of pocket would love to get 7+ days of wear, but it's not always possible for various reasons. Someone who is very active and sweats all day would probably NOT want to extend their wear time much more than a few days because of the risk of a fungal infection. 

Thanks for sharing your experiences @raspout66. I'd love to hear an update in another six months to see how things are going using this method. 


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November 9, 2020 3:29 pm  

@veganostomy Thanks. I must add that I’m not into a challenge/wear time race, as you say. It just happens that I don’t have skin or hair grow problems with my Convatec mouldable 12- 21 mm with Stomadhesive paste and belt tightly secured over 1 week time.  Peeling off a bit is not a problem for me either. The thing is I don’t want the BURNING 🔥 feeling or itching. And this is the only combination that gives me peace of mind over several days. I agree that over a week is a bit pushing it... I’m on my 12th day and I will change today because, well, I want to see if my stoma/paste didn’t turn into concrete🥴 and I don’t sweet, ever. Never had. What may help is I’m a retiree with very few exercices, no sport, a small walk here and there... ans I try not to bend over too much. I don’t want to sound like I work for Convatec but there must be a reason their why their mouldable is by far the most expensive wafer on the market here in Montréal, by as much as 50% more expensive than any other, almost 40$ for 2..., without bag. If their model wasn’t worth it at this price, people wouldn’t buy it and production would cease... Have a good day.

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