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Stoma rubbing against pouch  

The Stoic
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My stoma rubs against my pouch.  It doesn't hurt, but it is disconcerting.  I notice that when I remove my appliance, my stoma is pointing down and there is a slight indentation of the skin below the stoma which indicates that the stoma is depressed by the pouch.

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This sounds normal to me.  My stoma protrudes a bit and it bends down into the pouch.  When I wear a clear pouch, it looks a bit squished in the pouch.  As long as it does not appear to be discolored or in any other way damaged, and it looks good when you change your pouch, then I think you're good.  


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Hi Stoic Welcome to the forum, My stoma is the same and Glenn is spot on 👍

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Welcome, @rpaolini

As the others have said, it sounds normal. 

If you notice any bleeding or bruising of the stoma, then you should speak with a stoma nurse, but that might only happen if your stoma is hit or if your wafer is cut too small. 

Feel free to ask any other questions you have. Good luck!

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