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Dietary yeast and Crohn's Disease

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I'm not sure what rabbit hole I ended up in before finding these videos, since I've been watching the channel for years and love Dr. Greger's books, but this may be of relevance to anyone with Crohn's disease.

After watching those videos, I went back to look at my food diaries. Much to my surprise, the “worst year of my life” was filled with many meals, often daily, containing nutritional yeast.

Now, I do consume the stuff these days, and haven't noticed any issues, but I'm going to be more mindful about it.

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Very interesting. Your post will help people . Everytime hearing the word Crohns reminds me of a young man I met walking the hospital halls after my end ileostomy. He was from.a city about.5 hours away and maybe in his mid twenties. He spilled his guts to me how bad his quality of life has been with that disease and he says I'm young, I want to go to college and be someone and this disease has taken it all away. I immediatly felt sad for him.  I guess his surgery was a temp ileostomy to give his system.a break. He talked about how he would get a reversal later.

I can still see his face and him in his gown holding his IV pole. I felt so bad for him. Yes too young for all of that but I guess life is not fair. I often wonder how he is doing.