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Here are some great resources for starting and maintaining a healthy, vegan lifestyle. There are many more websites to be enjoyed, but I find these to be among the best.

If anyone asks you whether vegan diets are even healthy, point them to the list in THIS post.

Getting started

Vegan health/Studies/Nutrition resources

Favorite sites and blogs



  • Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach (essays, podcasts, and video from Professor of Law Gary L. Francione)
  • BiteSizeVegan (lots of great content on many topics)
  • Earthlings (film, free to watch.  Perhaps one of the most difficult 1.5 hours you’ll ever watch.  I call this movie “The Vegan Maker”.  It’s that powerful)
  • Free From Harm (some really great, thought-provoking articles in here)
  • Joey Carbstrong (one of the best activists around. His story is truly inspiring.)


  • Cowspiracy (Focuses on the environment. Incredibly powerful documentary.  I would highly recommend this one)
  • Forks Over Knives (Focuses on diet)

Updated Jan 15, 2022

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