What I ate… Sept 5, 2013

So here’s what I logged into Cronometer for Sept 5th, 2013.  

I’ll make a few notes….

This doesn’t include the B12, Vitamin D or iron supplements I take. This also doesn’t include any added salt that was sprinkled on the food.  

For the “low-sodium v8” entry, I use it because it’s a more complete nutrient profile than the standard V8 entry, which doesn’t include things like Vitamin K.

The manufacturers of these foods don’t have to test for all nutrients, so when I come across a reasonable alternative which includes more nutrients, include it.  

Considering that, these nutrient intakes are the MINIMUM of what my actual intake was.  

Also, worth noting is that I’m actually drinking the original V8, not the low-sodium.  That means the potassium and sodium levels being logs are NOT the true intake.

Regarding the RDA’s listed, I have adjusted iron to be double the RDA.  I did this because it is recommended that vegans double their iron intake, since plant-sources don’t absorb as well as animal sources of iron.  

I’ve also increased my RDA for sodium and potassium, in order to compensate for the losses through the ileostomy.

So the diet is still very much a basic one.  

The v8 really helps to fill in the gaps, since fresh fruit and veg isn’t an option for at least 4 more weeks.  

The chips are a bit of a double-edge sword.  Yes, they are quite unhealthy (high sodium, high fat, etc.), but in my case, I feel that I’m justified in eating them because a) I NEED the calories b) the added salt is a good thing for ileostomates c) potato chips contain a lot of potassium.  BOOM. Junk food allowed.  LOL!

My output has been thick, and the smell is not offensive.  

Over the past week, I average emptying my bag about 6 times per day.  At night, I either empty at 3am or I’ll go the entire night without having to empty the bag.  I empty between 1/3 and half full.Hope this helps.  

Please ask questions if you have any.


4 thoughts on “What I ate… Sept 5, 2013”

    • Hi Jana, that’s so kind of you.

      Since they are just about to have the surgery, they’ll need to be more mindful of their diet until their recovery period is over (usually around 4-6 weeks, or whenever their surgeon clears them).

      In that case, *any* blended soup would be fine. I’d look for recipes based on their preferences. Something like this, assuming they like carrots, would be delicious and easy to make: https://minimalistbaker.com/creamy-vegan-carrot-soup-1-pot/

      As they heal, “chunky” soups with well cooked ingredients will also be nice.

      Feel free to join the community forum if you have any other questions or need more ideas. I wish your friend all the best!

  1. I was told by my doctor that I could purée cooked greens spinach, watercress etc. I used it like pesto over pasta… but I see you have greens as veggie to avoid… have you heard that pureeing is one way to get greens? I had an ileostomy 2 1/2 weeks ago.. I have found your site absolutely terrific…thank you

    • Hi Linda,

      Pureed, cooked green spinach should be no problem, even at 2.5 weeks out from surgery! Most people should avoid raw greens for the first month or so, but after that, it’s about experimenting to see what works.


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