A Mini Guide to Ostomy Supplies: Protective Sheets (w/ Video)



What Are Protective Sheets?

Protective Sheets are used to create a physical barrier between your skin and wafer in order to allow skin to heal better.  This can come in handy if you’ve experienced irritation or skin allergies that have been difficult to manage.

How Protective Sheets Are Usually Sold

These products are usually sold in square sheets, but some brands offer them in rectangles or oval shapes.  You might find these in boxes of 5 or 10 individually sealed sheets, but I’ve also been able to purchase them individually from my local medical supply store.  Because these sheets are quite expensive (over $8 / 4″x4″ sheet), it’s worth checking to see if your insurance covers them before ordering a bunch.

Purchase on Amazon

You can purchase protective sheets on Amazon (affiliate links): USA | CANADA

How to Use Protective Sheets

Because these sheets can be cut to work in several different scenarios, instructions will vary, but for the most part, I’ve been advised to use them pretty much like a wafer: Measure a hole so the stoma fits in the center of the sheet, and apply to skin; then apply your actual wafer on top of the protective sheet.

Coloplast Brava Protective sheet whole
Coloplast Brava Protective Sheet 4″x4″ sqaure.
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet with stoma hole cut
Coloplast Brava Protective Sheet with stoma hole cut in it.
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet around the stoma
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet around the stoma
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet under wafer
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet under wafer
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet under wafer and picture framed
Coloplast Brava Protective sheet under wafer and picture framed with medical tape.

This product should be used to correct temporary issues, but if you continue to have ongoing trouble, it’s best to have a stoma nurse assess your situation thoroughly.

While these sheets do have an adhesive on them, many people (including me) find that these sheets aren’t as secure as ostomy wafers, so applying a wafer extender or medical tape may help to keep everything together.

Tips When Using Protective Sheets

  • Protective sheets are not designed for extended wear, and should be replaced within within a few days.
  • Some ostomates will use sheets over other prep (barrier wipes, barrier rings, stoma powder, etc.).  While there is no set rule, “less is often better” is a principal that I use.  It may require that you use LESS supplies to correct a skin problem you might have.

Are Protective Sheets Vegan-Friendly?

I have confirmed at least one brand that carries animal-free protective sheets. You can them, as well as others, listed on my vegan/non-vegan product page found HERE.

Additional Resources

There are two brands of sheets that I’ve used: Coloplast Brava Protective Sheets and ConvaTec Duoderm Extra Thin Sheets.  The Duoderm, while not advertised as an ostomy protective sheet,  can be used as such for small areas (like around the stoma ) and the Brava Sheets can be used under my whole wafer.  They are both slightly different, so speak to your stoma nurse for guidance on which one to choose.

Convatec Duoderm Extra Thin cut out
Convatec Duoderm Extra Thin custom cut to fit around my stoma. The blue you see is from the marker I used to trace the hole.
Convatec Duoderm Extra Thin cut out and around stoma
Convatec Duoderm Extra Thin cut out and around stoma.

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Thanks for your video. Do you think it is possible to use the plastic that gets peeled off from the back of a wafer as a protective sheet if you taped around the edges?

Thank you

Christiaan Vanderkop

Your products are truly excellent yet some a little complex or confusing to use. I presently am not eligible for government assistance until next year. In the meantime I have to purchase them at my expense. I am on a CPP/OAS income only. My monthly ostomy supply costs can exceed my only income. See my problem? Trust me I am not the only one thrown under the bus by MSP. Perhaps if you could drop the cost of your supplies to us seniors and others in dire need of these ESSENTIAL supplies.
I am probably dreaming to think you guys, like Hollister, will ignore this note and not lobby the government on our behalf. If it wasn’t for some donations here and there I would be truly in trouble.