I had the unfortunate experience of an appliance leak while out, but preparedness helped me deal with it without too much trouble. Here’s a real-time, uncut video of how I handled it:


Note: In the video, I mentioned that I believe the tear was caused by my belt, but when I got home to change my full appliance, I had scratches under my belt line that were caused by the outlet on my Hollister bag. I believe the real culprit was the outlet piercing the bag. This has never happened, but the combination of the rides and the fact that I kept the outlet tucked under my waistband,  were a recipe for disaster in this case.  A pouch cover, wearing my pouch over my clothes or using a system that doesn’t have such a sharp outlet would have prevented this from happening.

A few takeaways:

  • Keep your emergency ostomy kit close by when you’re going out, or at least keep it “close-enough” (in this case,it was in my car).
  • Handling things calmly will reduce stress, and keep things moving forward.
  • Always keep medical tape in your kit.  I actually don’t carry wafer extenders in my kit, because I know the tape can be used.
  • A parked car can work just as well as a bathroom in the event of an accident (most of the time!).
  • There are benefits to using a  2 piece appliance!
  • Mind the pouch outlet! It slices, it dices, it puts holes in ostomy bags!
For tips on how to prevent leaks, check out THIS article.
Question : Have you changed your appliance in an emergency?