Secrets to Dressing With an Ostomy: Tips for Men and Women (w/ video)


Here’s the presentation I gave at an ostomy education event for World Ostomy Day 2016!

My co-presenter was Brandee Appeldoorn of the ostomy clothing company Joeies.

We cover various topics including ostomy-specific options (like accessories) and various tips on how to dress to help conceal and support your appliance.

If you’d like to get more clothing tips, please check out my men’s guide HERE, or my lady’s guide HERE.


Secrets to Dressing with an Ostomy: Tips for men and women
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2 thoughts on “Secrets to Dressing With an Ostomy: Tips for Men and Women (w/ video)”

  1. For the ladies: I wear plaza pants, and found that a shirt dress is comfortable and hides the pouch. I don’t wear panties if I wear stockings-but haven’t worn them for a long period of time. as I am afraid of pancaking. OR the worst? THE LEAK!! Anyone out there wear panty hose or tights? Any suggestions? Cant tan my legs as after my surgery I am now affected by the sun of itching of my skin. I am also of Swedish/French-Canadian decent, so light skinned. Any advise on the latter part of this? — THE panty hose.. part…
    Marcie usa/ct.


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