Posttraumatic Growth

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We’ve all heard about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), but have you heard of Posttraumatic Growth? Many of us with IBD or an ostomy have experienced this, even if we aren’t familiar with the term. It happens when a life-changing event causes a positive change in someone’s life. More specifically, it’s when something that would be considered traumatic happens in our lives, and our perspective on life changes for the better: We grow as people.

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World Ostomy Day 2014 – Celebrating Life

World Ostomy Day

October 4th, 2014 marks this year’s “World Ostomy Day”.  It’s a day that many ostomy associations and advocates use to promote greater awareness for ostomates around the world.  I don’t typically tend to put extra emphasis on “special days”, since living with an ostomy and advocating for other ostomates is something I do every waking hour, but for this year’s World Ostomy Day, I’d like to encourage ostomates to celebrate life, and not be slowed down because of an ostomy.  

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Ostomate Video Chat Support Group

live ostomate support

I frequent a lot of social media sites and forums related to IBD and ostomy support, and one of the most devastating things to read is that someone is feeling alone with their illness or new ostomy. I certainly felt that way between the time I learned that I’d be getting an ileostomy to the time I actually had the surgery, but I was able to find enough online support to make me feel comfortable with my new stoma.  Unfortunately, many people aren’t that lucky and they spend months or years feeling isolated and ignored by their family, friends and coworkers.   Some people HATE their stoma and have nobody who understands their situation to talk to.

I hope to change that by offering a free, online video-based support group for ostomates.  You do not have to be vegan to join, and the goal isn’t to try and convert anyone. 

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