Talking to Your Kids About Ostomy Surgery

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When I had my ileostomy surgery, my kids were eleven and eight years old. I was quite open with them about my surgery and what was involved, but I know that it can be a challenge for some parents.

In this article, I hope to share some ideas on how to approach this topic with young kids so you are both comfortable talking about the surgery and the life that follows it.

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Everything You Do Is An Achievement: Living With IBD (w/ video)

Everything You Do Is An Achievement- IBD

I dedicate this post to my friends who haven’t been able to catch a break because of IBD.

Through my blog, I’ve tried to share ways that can help improve the quality of life for someone with an ostomy. While I also have Crohn’s Disease, I handled my flares poorly, and so I can’t offer much help to those who are suffering with IBD at this very moment. 

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On Being Judged

On being JUDGED

I watched a powerful video by Whitney from the YouTube channel “What a Vegan Eats”, and it struck a chord with me.  You see, I’ve watched videos on her other channel “Eco-Vegan Gal” for years, but I’ve never known her story.  That changed after watching her video about being judged, and although she feels judged for different reasons, I still relate to it in the context of having a chronic illness.

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Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic growth banner

We’ve all heard about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), but have you heard of Posttraumatic Growth? Many of us with IBD or an ostomy have experienced this, even if we aren’t familiar with the term. It happens when a life-changing event causes a positive change in someone’s life. More specifically, it’s when something that would be considered traumatic happens in our lives, and our perspective on life changes for the better: We grow as people.

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