What I ate… Oct 28, 2013

I logged today’s food intake to see where I’m at nutritionally and without any supplementation.

The only thing missing from my log was a wonderful hibiscus and lemon juice tea and some spices I included with my pasta dish.

Here’s what I got:


I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome.  I hit over 100% RDA for pretty much everything with very minimal effort in preparing meals, and both protein and calories were right where I wanted them.  

I don’t need to put on any more weight in the form of fat now, I’m happy sitting at just under 150lbs, and it’s time to increase my weight by adding more muscle, which I hope to start doing after the recovery of my next surgery.

I missed my big salad today – I should have made one for my late night snack, but I wanted carbs and frozen fries are just too easy to make :)

Regarding overnight output – I do wake up once in the middle of the night, usually between 4am and 6am, depending on what time I went to bed.

It’s usually to empty a half-full pouch and a lot of gas.

I experimented with not eating after 7pm and found it made no difference – I’d still be waking up once at night, so I don’t have any issues with my late night meals.  

To be honest, if I’d rather have something to eat at 11pm than be hungry at 1am.  

I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I’m able to eat without pain… subconsciously, it’s like I’m eating a lot “in case” I’m not able to enjoy food again.

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