Ostomysecrets Classic Wrap – REVIEW

ostomysecrets classic wrap full frontal
Ostomysecrets logo

Ostomysecrets is a big name when it comes to clothing made for ostomates.  Undergarments, swimwear and wraps are their specialty, and they have some of the most well-made products around.  

Disclosure: I had the pleasure of receiving their Unisex Classic Wrap as a complimentary gift following their webinar titled “Putting the Pieces Together After Ostomy Surgery” back in April 2014.  

I’ve heard such great things about their products, but since shipping is limited to the United States, I never had the opportunity to buy any of their products before. 

Ostomysecrets offers this product in sizes XXS to XXXL, so every ostomate should be able to find their perfect fit. I’m an “in-between” size and Ostomysecrets suggests that I go with a smaller size if I plan on using the wrap with activity or a size up for everyday wear, so I went with the size up since I wasn’t planning to use this wrap during exercise.   

This wrap is offered in four different colours: Tan, white, lite (which looks like a denim blue) and black. I decided to go with a tan-coloured wrap, since I have a few that are already white or black.

Ostomysecret classic wrap inside
Left and right pockets.

The product is made from a blend of microfiber and spandex, which feels quite nice, and the stitching is high-quality throughout the entire product. 

It is stretchy, comfortable and wicks away sweat (lik activewearar does).  One excellent feature about this wrap is that it has two pockets on the inside to place your ostomy pouch into (or pouches if you have two ostomies).  

This keeps the pouch close to your body and contained.  

If you’ve ever used a maternity band, or a band not designed for an ostomy appliance, you’ll quickly realize that the bottom of the pouch often “peeks” out from the bottom of the wrap.  

This completely defeats the purpose of concealing your pouch and makes wearing a wrap quite annoying.  I’m happy to say that the Classic Wrap does not have this problem at all, and as a matter of fact, if you’re wearing a short top, the wrap does an excellent job in making things look as natural (and fashionable) as possible.

Ostomysecrets classic wrap inside with pouch
Pouch stays in place.

There was very little riding up or bunching when I wore this while driving, while out running errands, for daily activities and during intimacy.  

The only issue I had was when my pouch began to fill, I’d have to manually push the stool down since the pouch seems to get pinched off because of the pocket design (keep in mind that my wrap was one size up, so it wasn’t tight by any means).  

This isn’t a huge deal if you’re keeping your pouch empty throughout the day, but if you don’t have easy access to a bathroom, it can get a bit annoying to micromanage something like that.  That said, emptying the pouch is very easy, and you simply remove the pouch from the wrap’s pocket (no need to take off the entire wrap) and then put it back in when you’re done.  I had no issues wearing it while sleeping either, although I don’t normally tend to wear wraps to bed.

Here are some photos of the Classic Wrap:

Ostomysecret Classic Wrap stitching
Really nice stitch work
ostomysecrets classic wrap arms raised
With arms up! Look ma, no bag!
Ostomysecrets classic wrap under shirt
With a short t-shirt on.
Ostomysecrets classic wrap exposed
Ostomysecrets Classic Wrap in tan.
ostomysecrets classic wrap full frontal
Notice the indent across my abdomen which can restrict output flow.

At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Classic Wrap sells for US$34.99 and shipping is available within the USA.  

I’ve been told that they are working on getting shipping to Canada in the near future, but it’s been many years since I’ve heard that.

You may be able to get these wraps covered by your insurance company, so check with them before making your purchase.


I don’t have any major complaints about this product.  The price is a touch on the high-side, but it compares with similar ostomy wraps and high-quality maternity bands, and the reasonable shipping rate more than makes up for it.

You can find the Classic Wrap, along with other ostomy wear, at www.ostomysecrets.com

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  1. I see it go over the belly button. Unfortunately, I have a g-tube directly across from my ileostomy which is just barely above the belly button. Do you have to wear that high or can it be lowered under? 7 days post-op and feel like I need something to help hold it up. I haven’t tried wearing the bag under my pants as I’m afraid it will stop the output from going down since the band of pants/shorts/pjs are at the belly button right below the ileostomy/g-tube.


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