Hollister Ostomy Pouch Hack – OSTOMY TIP (w/ video)


I’ve been trying a new Hollister ostomy system out, and I immediately noticed something that I found rather annoying: the pouch outlet just dangles from the bottom.  It’s not obvious if you have an empty pouch, but as you start moving and your pouch fills up, poof – it dangles around like a Christmas ornament!

Curious, I took to twitter to see what other Hollister users thought, and the response I received was a bit surprising. One ostomate said that you simply get use to it and another uses a binder clip to keep it in place. Call me spoiled, but companies like Coloplast and Salts have already solved this issue by adding a strip of velcro to the pouch to keep the outlet from flapping around. So I thought, “why not do the same with the Hollister pouch? ” And so I did.

Here’s how you can hack your Hollister pouch to be less annoying with a bit of adhesive Velcro strips and a few seconds of your time.

First, you’ll want to clean the plastic part of your pouch with rubbing alcohol. This will make sure that the surface is clean and oil – free.

Outlet without hack
Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surfaces that you’ll be sticking your Velcro to.

Next, you’ll want to take a small piece of Velcro (the fuzzy part) and apply it to the back of your outlet after it’s been rolled up.

Velcro ready to go
Use enough Velcro to cover a large part of the flap.
Fuzzy Velcro applied
Then stick it here.


After that, you’ll want to stick the other piece of Velcro (the hooky part) to your pouch so that aligns with the fuzzy part.

Apply hooked velcro here
Apply the hooked Velcro here.

You should leave it on for 24 hours on order to get a perfect bond, so do this ahead of time.  If you’re in a rush, you don’t have to wait for he adhesive to fully cure, but just be careful when releasing the Velcro, so it’s not tugging too much on your pouch.

Final product
And you’re done! Enjoy!

Feel free to use a wider strip of Velcro, but don’t use anything too small or it will come undone as your pouch fills.

Here’s a video of how I do it:

That’s it!

A few things to note:

– Use regular Velcro, not the industrial strength one. You’re trying to keep your pouch outlet from dangling, not mount a shelving unit to the wall!

– If you make a mistake, do not try to remove the Velcro if it’s already on your pouch. You will damage the pouch and will likely get a leak. At the very most, use an adhesive remover and gently peel off any Velcro that was applied incorrectly. Be certain that your pouch wasn’t punctured before trying again.

– When it comes time to empty your pouch, go easy on the Velcro as it separates.  It’s an ostomy pouch, not a pair of sneakers!

If you’ve used this trick, let me know in the comment’s below and feel free to offer any tweaks that have worked better for you.


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AnY suggestions for keeping moisture inside the bag to a minimum? I seem to get a lot of moisture and I think it affects my wear time with the barrier ring. It swells up too much.
I really enjoy reading your information.

Jasmines Journey

Hia this is great! I hate the fact you cant tuck it in as ive used hollister bas for a while now and i hate how sharp the edges are ……also another tip is use those sticker filter covers and just stick it up ….i change my two peice every day so id need alot of velcro haha x