Comfee Drive Ostomy Seat Belt Cover – REVIEW (w/ video)


Having an ostomy doesn’t mean you have to limit the things you enjoy. Many ostomates play sports or work demanding jobs, yet driving often becomes a source of stress because of one thing: the seat belt.

April 2018: Unfortunately, it looks like Weir Comfees has stopped taking orders until further notice. I’ll update this page if and when they start selling these again. In the meantime, check out my list of ostomy manufacturers for alternatives.

Depending on the location of your stoma, there’s a good chance that your seat belt will either go right over your stoma or over your pouch, which restricts the flow of output.

I often resort to putting the belt under the bottom part of my pouch, but that only works if the pouch is over my pants and even then it’s uncomfortable.

Neither of these options are ideal, especially if you plan on being in a vehicle for a long trip, and not wearing your seat belt can be dangerous and is often illegal.  So what do we do?

Comfee Drive product shot
Comfee Drive product shot

The Comfee Drive

One solution to this problem is the Comfee Drive seat belt cover, which I received during a local ostomy chapter meeting “open house” through the manufacturer Weir Comfees.

The idea is so simple, yet it works amazingly well.

You simply secure it to your seat belt using Velcro and center it over your stoma when you’re ready to go.

That’s it!

You can now enjoy driving without your stoma or pouch being crushed and uncomfortable.

You can even leave it on the seat belt and slide it off to the side if you’re sharing your vehicle with another driver. Of course, you can also remove it when you like.

Video Demo

I wish I had one when I was go-karting on my son’s birthday, but I’ll be sure to bring it the next time around.


At the time of this writing (Nov 2016), the Comfee Drive sells for CDN$22.95 and the product ships internationally.

The Comfee Drive is a one-size-fits-all product and comes in three different colours: Denim, beige and black.

Because this is an accessory, it’s unlikely that insurance companies will cover the cost of the Comfee Drive, but it’s something that I’ve personally used for years and it still looks great – it’s an investment worth making!

  • Effectively protects your stoma while driving.
  • Small enough to take anywhere.
  • Doesn’t add much bulk to your seat belt.
  • Can be left in place or quickly removed for convenience.
  • Available in several colors (Black, denim, beige).
  • Sometimes twists up and needs adjusting.
Highly Recommended for some

I have zero complaints about this product, other than the fact that it sometimes needs to be adjusted on the belt.

While it’s not a product that every ostomate will need, those that have a stoma at the same level as their seat belt may want to check it out.

It works and works well.  I no longer have to worry about fiddling with my pouch to get my seat belt to be comfortable.

For more information on the Comfee Drive, please visit
Question: Does your seat belt bother you?

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Deborah Hattaway

How do you get the seat belt


I see that you are wearing your appliance vertically not horizontally. Is that the only way to way for this particular product? I’m also looking and wondering if there are stoma guards that work with horizontal? Thanks

Barbara hoffman

Every time I try to finish order it tells me site unprotected and to go back. Trying to order seat belt cover. No luck.