Sunday June 7th, 2015 was the 20th Annual GUTSY Walk for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, and I had the pleasure of doing the walk again this year.

Last year, the walk was at Heydenshore Kiwanis Park (which is a beautiful place), but this year we had it Lakeview Park. The weather was cool and windy, but not enough to spoil the walk or the gorgeous view of Lake Ontario! I’m quite fortunate that my joint pains haven’t been acting up, so the walk was pretty effortless.

Lakeview Park Oshawa

I decided to go to the walk alone, but I was able to meet several friends while I was there. Among those friends, was fellow ostomate, Jen, from Crohnic Crohn’s. Jen was there with a young man, Jacob (twitter @KidWithCrohns), and his mother.

Jacob’s mum told me a bit about her son, and the battle he’s been fighting because of Crohn’s Disease. His story is moving, and his drive to help other’s is truly inspiring. It breaks my heart to see anyone suffering with IBD, but it’s even harder so to see kids have their childhood disrupted by it.

Durham Region had a goal of $78,000, and so far, we’ve raided over $58,000. I set a goal of $1500 this year, but I haven’t reached that goal yet – we do have until July 5th to hit our target, and each dollar raised offers a new opportunity for research.  You can visit my GUTSY Walk page to donate HERE.

Durham Gutsy Walk_Chantel Speaking

Chantel Wicks gives another emotional speech. Well done, Chantel!

Gutsy Walk Durham 2015 Start line crowd

Durham Gutsy Walkers 2015

My ostomy gave me no trouble, and it rarely gets in the way of walks, but I also know to load up on fluids and electrolytes before doing anything like this. While this walk was easy for me (now), I can’t help but think of how many people are too sick to walk because of IBD; knowing how bad it can get, my thoughts were definitely with them today.

I hope that my luck persists for another year, and that perhaps one day we’ll be walking to celebrate a cure we’ve found for this disease.

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Question: Did you do the GUTSY Walk this year? Where at?