StomaCloak Ostomy Pouch Cover: OVERVIEW

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StomaCloak has been marketed to offer something beyond a standard ostomy pouch cover.  I have been lucky enough to have received one by StomaCloak, and I’d like to give a product overview in this post.

Why not a product review? I originally had plans to do a full review on this product, but because I’m not able to test one of the key features (its odor-eliminating properties), I felt that it would be a weak review, but I do feel that this product is unique enough to warrant some attention.

Stomacloak front
The front is plain. You can get this pouch cover in beige or black.
Stomacloak back
The back side of the StomaCloak.
Stomacloak opening
The opening of the StomaCloak is custom made for your flange size.

So, what’s so special about the StomaCloak?

A major selling point of this pouch cover is that it contains activated carbon, zeolite and antimicrobials, according to the manufacturer.

This is definitely unique, and I can see it benefiting ostomates who find that their appliance gives off an odor (which it normally should NOT).  

While I don’t have issues with odor outside my pouch, I have heard from urostomates who find odor a challenge to deal with.  

I would guess that this product would benefit urostomates the most, but it would also come in handy for ostomates who use pouch filters that aren’t exactly effective at eliminating odor. 

Fun Fact: The StomaCloak was co-developed by Dr. Joe Salisz, who is both a Urologist and urostomate!

The activated charcoal is what absorbs odor and it can be “recharged” using heat from a dryer, and it’s recommended to do this after washing the StomaCloak.  

It is suggested on their website that you should ideally have three of these on hand, and rotate accordingly – two clean, and one that you’ll be wearing.

This does increase the cost of ownership, however, and the StomaCloak website says that 3 pouch covers should last a year with normal wear.

This may not be a problem if it saves you from embarrassing odor.

Another feature, that’s unique to this product, is the ability it has to wick moisture away from both your bag and skin.  

An advantage to this is that you can pop on the StomaCloak after a shower (while your pouch is still damp) and it’ll keep the moisture away from your skin and clothes.  

I know a lot of people who hate the feeling of a damp bag, yet don’t have time to spend drying their appliance; I’m sure they would appreciate this feature quite a bit.  

If you sweat a lot, especially around and under your pouch, the StomaCloak should help with that too.

Nice, but how does it look?

Something I really like about the StomaCloak is that you can order them to fit your specific appliance: the wafer size, pouch length and brand are requested when you order one, so they know exactly what to send.  

This is an advantage over some custom-made pouches, which sometimes come in a generic “one-size-fits-all” style.  

It should be noted that you can also pick a style that will work with either a one-piece or two-piece appliance.

The StomaCloak I’ve been using has an opening on the bottom,  which allows you to empty your drainable pouch without removing it.  

I found that because the material is so thick, it was often more convenient to simply remove the cover and empty my pouch, since I tend to “squeegee” thicker stool from the top of my pouch downwards.  

If you have a urostomy or liquid/loose output, this will likely not be a concern for you, and you’ll want to keep the StomaCloak on when you empty your appliance.

As for how it works as a pouch cover, I’ll be honest in saying that it wouldn’t be my first choice.

There are currently three colors available: black, beige, and a limited edition camo.

Considering that custom pouch covers are widely available, this won’t be the pouch you’ll grab if you want to make a fashion statement.

I also find that the material (which is incredibly soft and comfortable), is thicker than I would like in a pouch cover.  

Some may find it’s too bulky, while others might prefer this material over a thin cotton pouch cover, but that’s a matter of preference.

Is it right for you?

So if you find that pouch odor or moisture are ongoing issues for you, have a look at the StomaCloak.

However, if you’re simply looking for a pouch cover, there are more affordable options that offer a wider variety of colors and patterns.

At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), each StomaCloak sells for US$34.95 + shipping and handling, which is significantly higher than their original price of US$19 from several years ago.

For more information on the StomaCloak, please visit

Looking for a second opinion? Check out Thaila Skye’s review on the StomaCloak HERE.

Question: Have you used the StomaCloak? What has your experience been like?

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  1. I bought three, and I like them. They are a little bulky so I don’t wear them every day, but when I have a meeting at work – I am worried about my stoma making noise – I wear one, and also if I have been wearing my pouch a few days – another worry, can anyone smell an odor? – I will wear one, even to bed. They are very soft, and absorbent, too.


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