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Wrong Anniversary D...

Wrong Anniversary Date  


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12/04/2019 9:31 am  

Egads! When I posted  in "Surgery is Tomorrow" I gave the wrong wrong anniversary date for my colostomy surgery!  My sister-n-law pointed out that it was May 15, 2018. After all this time, I can't blame my memory lapse on the anesthesia!!!

Stella :)

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12/04/2019 7:21 pm  

Not to worry Stella! Anesthetic "does" mess with your memory. I know I have done the same here myself, and when I realized I may had mixed up certain things, (because my sister said so) then I had a chance to pull the copies of surgical reports and dates I  was amazed at the mess my brain was in about everything. The brain remembers what the brain remembers. At least it is trying and functioning. I am glad I am not alone in this anymore. I have so appreciated this site Eric, and all the people sharing anything and everything, and I just want everyone to know just how wonderful and kind and open you all are to share such personal  events. I was raised where you never talked about such things, but it is necessary and is a very normal part of accepting and learning. Eric, this is why your site is so important. We are all dealing with so many different things and really, who do we know right in front of us that can actually relate. Sure, some have gone thru it with us, but what do they know about those inside workings and feeling we go thru over something like a leak or the timing of something like an appointment or as I found out, my stoma being vocal during prayer at church. Thank  you all a million times over for being here. I celebrate ten years this spring with my ostomy and I never felt more normal then I began to feel after finding Erics site. 

How do you feel anesthetic affected you? Anyone.


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13/04/2019 8:43 am  

That's ok Stella,  my anniversary date went right by me last week.  I guess that means I'm dealing with things? LOL 

The only issue I ever have with anesthesia is remembering what the doctor said that day.  Good thing DH is along to remind me.




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