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Smoothies anyone?  


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April 4, 2019 10:35 am  

Hi all,

I was just wondering what types of smoothies everyone likes to create. I usually take a large handful of greens such as Swiss chard (taken off the stem), 1/2 - 3/4 cup of yogurt, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1/2 c cherries or other red fruit, and 1 tbs. of  organic cocoa and 1 tbs. of dark maple syrup. It is what I call my anti-inflammatory  shake. I usually have it once a day. The cocoa real takes it over the top! :-D 


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April 4, 2019 11:14 am  

I haven't had any smoothies consistently for a while, but my wife and daughter do all the time. 

I tend to make mine mostly all fruit, and rarely measured :) 

For the base, I'll blend bananas and almond/soy milk, then I'll add some frozen mixed berries. Depending on how much of the frozen stuff you add, this could turn into a sorbet! 

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April 5, 2019 2:20 am  

Stella, I would never have thought of putting cocoa in a smoothie, but what a fabulous idea! The grands will love that for a nice change especially in summer in the afternoon. About what size of a container do you make it in?  Smoothies are the best especially when I am having trouble eating. I fill my Magic Bullet cup 1/3 way with orange juice, then add enough blueberries to almost peak out of the juice, toss in a chopped banana, sliced strawberries, and mango, all but the banana are frozen, and then I top it with yogurt. Buzz it up and voila! You can add any veggies or fruits that you like in any amount. As Eric said, use some of your fav. milk instead of juices or combine them. I have also added some flax seeds and wheat germ and peanut butter. Start with a teaspoon at a time. When on sale, I have frozen up ice cubes of orange juice and tossed in a zip bag. Blend up a whack of ipe bananas and freeze in cubes also. or if only 2 or 3, ripe bananas and a squirt of  lemon/lime juice and give them a massage to mush in the bag. Lay the bag on the counter and form a loaf in the bag then press the side of your hand to sort of form a roll or a cubes, freeze for a later date. Freeze flat on a tray. They separate easily in the bag before adding. If you are out of  juice, bananas will brown but browned taste just as good in a smoothie. If you have a deep freezer try and buy the fruit in season this summer or from a farmer, (on sale in store is good 2), and get that home grown taste. You can add any veggie or fruit you like in your smoothie. I found green veggies gave me gas, so I go all fruit. In order to get that anti-inflammatory affect, I shake some ground Turmeric into the top of it all. Too much makes it feel dry in your mouth, but about an 1/8 teaspoon is about right. I also buy canned crushed pineapple when it is one sale, or the fresh, chop it, and then I freeze that in cubes too and toss in the zip bag the next day. Have fun with it. If you love a smoothie but time or energy is an issue, or your not well, do it up in a blender and make enough to get you thru a day or two. Cover with some plastic wrap first then the lid, or just plastic. The actual blender jug in the fridge is more prone to tip being narrow at the base, so if you have kidlets, just transfer to a normal jug. Stir it before you use it. ...And...if you are of age and enjoy a beer here and there, I have made the smoothie, - oj and used a third of a beer, yes with the yogurt. I have to say, I am not a drinker because I get too giddy & sleepy, but it was so hot out that night, so in the evening I made a happy smoothie! Not for anyone under 21 years of age. This is not recommended by this site or by Eric, you doctor or the Health Association, (or me...ha!).  Share what you do for your smoothies, smoothie lovers, lets hear it from you too! I go through periods of being really unwell, so for those times, I will fill zip baggies with the amount of fruit I like in smoothies, I can tolerate cukes, so I also put them n the  bags. It saves so much work and energy, and is great for the kids when Mom or Dad can not be there right away after school. All they need is the yogurt and the juice or milk. Let them practice making them and using the machines while you are home and when they have nailed it, then you can trust them on their own.