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Two weeks out from reversal  


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October 29, 2018 10:38 am  

a few people here have asked for updates on my here goes

surgery was the easy part it took about two hours total and two hours in recovery room

back in regular room and they brought me food rather quickly...just liquids to start but it was something. I really had very little pain from the surgery because they gave me a tap block in my abdomen and it worked wonders...well at least for two bowels started working at about 7am the day after surgery very watery and icould not control it at all

i was released from the hospital about 36 hours after surgery/sent home on full liquid diet to advance as i felt like it i did vomit when i got home but i am sure that was more from the car ride than anything else

things have been pretty rough not going to lie not able to eat much lots of diarreah and nausea i had to go to the er on fri oct 26 for fluids i was severly dehydrated...i did feel better after that

my incision is healing well and is not sore at all

i know that all i need is time and things will get better but this has been harder than i ever imagined. I feel blessed to be where i am but my doc did warn me that i would second guess this decision before it got better

i will try to keep updates coming if you all are interested at all


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October 29, 2018 10:44 am  

Hi ya, sounds a rough ride but hang in their. Best wishes and stay in touch

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October 30, 2018 3:17 pm  

Thank you! I was told by a friend who has a friend that's been through this and she said the reversal was a breeze. Your version sounds more realistic. I'm SO glad this forum is here with people like you to talk to and hear from. That friend of mine is getting on my nerves because she thinks she knows it all and plays it down like I'm over reacting or something. It's great to have people like you that actually have been through it to talk to or hear from.

I hope you feel better real soon and can eat right by Thanksgiving. I've been lucky so far being able to eat what I want. I was very surprised at that. I for one am very interested to hear how you make out. I just hope I can find your posts because I'm new at this :P

Best wishes to you and thanks again.