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stoma protectors, rigid style, a possible problem?  


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December 14, 2019 4:13 pm  

I've been looking at these with rigid or maybe semi rigid caps or covers.  they really look like they could cause as much problems as suggested they solve?     I see anything with a strap or an edge can catch on something to be a problem in itself.  even the stoma cap anti pancaking device could easily catch an edge and get pulled. 

have these device really been safety tested?   as far as the caps, what happens if you fall hard on your stomach? it appears these device would be pushed hard into your stomach on their edges.  what if you fall and have a stick catch the edge of one of these protectors while hiking or doing something in the woods? I see a problem there.   what happens if they get pushed hard to the left or right? won't they pull on the bag?  sure they are ok for head on direct hits, but what about hits from large angles? I didn't read all these reviews, did you do some serious impact tests?

bags themselves provide lots of protection and a wrap of some kind more.    at least the wrap really can't catch on sometime, and if it does,  will not pull directly on the bag as these stoma protector clearly would..


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December 15, 2019 1:19 am  

Most stoma guards will provide more protection in the event of an impact than not having one. Some are just poorly designed and may cause problems for sure. 

Generally speaking, the flatter and wider the guard, the safer, but there are always tradeoffs between comfort, convenience, durability, etc. 

The anti-pancaking product I reviewed was downright terrible and I would not and have not recommended it for use by anyone. 

In a side note, two piece systems with mechanical couplings do tend to offer enough peotection for most things, except sharp objects. That's assuming that you don't have a really protruded stoma.

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December 15, 2019 1:23 pm  

Hi dogtalkerer,

I have been wearing one for the last +/- 3 1/2 year. I use it almost all the time except when I go to bed or when I am relaxing on the couch. Started with an OstomyArmor and also made a couple of them myself. While riding/falling off of my dirtbike (Motocross)  I was hit by my handlebars in the stoma region three times. One of those times the protection was shifted/moved up and I left the race (although after inspection I think I could have/should have continued). The other times no issue at all and was able to continue riding. 

It really gives me a secured feeling and I don't think I would ride/sport without wearing one anymore.

Like Erik, I think it adds a lot more protection than that it increases the risks. 

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