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Hoping this may be useful...

My most comfortable ileostomy support, for sleeping, hanging around, working at desk, etc. is a hack job on a pair of inexpensive stretchy workout shorts I had from Target. I was trying to wear these for sleeping with my fairly new ostomy, but they didn't come up high enough to clear the bag and would kind of choke it off. I noticed the 4" waist band was a continuous tube, and was looking at gentle support bands on line and figured it was worth a try.

I cut off them off in a straight line just above the legs and crotch, leaving a couple inches below the waist band. Then, cut a circle on the inside layer of the waist band to match size/location of my appliance. And, a vertical slit  on the outside layer just past the side seam to pull the bottom of the bag through. (I wear my bag horizontally, extending over the right hip, to accommodate the stealth bag set up, and found this works best for me, so the 'bottom' of the bag becomes the side for me). The stretchy material doesn't fray, so no sewing needed.

I either pull this on like shorts or slip it on over my head. Line up the appliance circle and partially hook it over the appliance tabs. Then reach my fingers through the side slit to grab the bottom of the bag and pull it through. Finish aligning the circular hole with the appliance, give the pouch a final tug at the slit, then tuck the remaining pouch bottom into the slit. 

I can (almost) forget about the appliance and bag with this on and plan to hack up another pair so I can always have a clean on on hand. This is gentle enough that I was able to start wearing it about 4 weeks post-surgery. I wear a more supportive Stealth belt when I am physically active or going out and about. 

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