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Combining one brand of wafer with another brand of pouch  


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July 17, 2020 6:13 pm  

My husband currently uses the Coloplast Sensura mio 2 piece adhesive coupling wafer and pouch set.  He really likes these bags, but prefers Hollister wafers. He hates the Hollister bags.  If you get the sizing right, can you combine a Hollister wafer and Coloplast bag, with an adhesive coupling?  I feel like each company would discourage this, but wanted to get some opinions from real users.  Thank you ❤️

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July 20, 2020 11:52 am  

While I don't have a list of which products can work with each other, I have heard of people mixing brands when they are using a 2pc systems with adhesive couplings. 

I don't tend to like adhesive coupling systems, so I don't have any personal experience with doing this, but hopefully, someone who has can chime in. 

My suggestion is to request samples from various brands and see what fits :) Just be sure to note any size differences between the coupling before asking for samples so you aren't stuck with size issues before you even get started. 

If you do try this, I'd be interested in knowing how it goes. 

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