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Stoma Mishap  

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29/04/2019 12:36 pm  

I've found plastics to be the most dangerous materials to cut.  if fed too slowly the plastic will melt and move into the blade sideways then kickback at you.

my observations suggest kickback comes from making one of two mistakes.    either not feeding material all the way through to clear the blade or cutting light weight material that can be lifted straight up by cutting blade.   feather boards can prevent the later.

I wear Dickies bib overalls,  the thick duck material protection is suitable.  I could not work with the constriction of a belted stoma protector.  

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29/04/2019 6:54 pm  

Not to forget to mention unseen foreign products in the wood and a bad knot (our teacher demonstrated that one safely). I realize it  was high school, but we had to use a push stick and stand to the side of the kickback area. Every job has its dangers, even nursing. This has been a real learning conversation here and Sasquatch I am so glad you were not injured any worse then you were. I hope that apron is working well for you, but I would rather you not find that out.   


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