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Need help had stoma revision surgery done last week  

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Hi, Guys Stephen here had Stoma Revision Surgery done last week. My stoma is about the same size before the surgery. The Stoma nurse at the hospital said I don't need a Deep Convex bag at all and shouldn't have been using one. Well, I am using the flat wafer with the barrier rings. Still getting leaks. So I switched back to the Deep Convex one-piece and no leaks. It's making my stoma prolapse a little again but I'll take that over the leaks any day. My question is why is a deep Convex bag not causing me any leaking at all. This type of bag worked great in the past as well even when my stoma was severely prolapsing and no leaks at all. Is it okay to keep on using this bag? Respond with all and any help

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Hi Stephen,

Welcome to the site. The people here are amazing!  And if you haven’t checked out Eric’s videos yet, I encourage you to do so. There probably is one about convex bags. 

My stoma is recessed, so I have to use convex wafers. I actually saw the stoma nurse today and she put me in a deep convex.  I have been using a light convex. She was telling me there are light convex, soft convex and deep convex. Depending on your nurses reasoning for saying you shouldn’t be in a deep convex, maybe see if you can get samples of a light and/or soft complex, as a compromise.  My nurse also sent a request to coloplast to send me some samples of deep complex 2 pieces, since I use a 2 piece now.

As someone who suffers from a LOT of leaks, if you have found something that prevents leaks, go with it!  Leaks are so frustrating. 

Maybe someone here knows why they would say not to use a convex wafer with a prolapsed stoma??

Good Luck to you!!

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Hi Stephen  and welcome, if you don’t have a flush or recessed stoma you don’t need a convex, it will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the stoma and add to the prolapse problem, the leaks may be for many reasons from soap when cleaning to a dip in skin, the site has a peice on leaks. Some more details on what is happening would help troubleshoot. Always a solution 👍

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Hi Stephen, 

Is it possible that a light convex would work just as well without putting undue pressure on the stoma site?


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Posted by: @shysteve45

So I switched back to the Deep Convex one-piece and no leaks. It's making my stoma prolapse a little again but I'll take that over the leaks any day.

Welcome to the forum, Stephen.

As John already pointed out, using a convex appliance can come with risks when not necessary (i.e. a flush or retracted stoma). It's entirely possible that it can help to prevent leaks when you've got a protruding stoma, but deep convexity is probably too much from the sound of it. 

I would speak with your stoma nurse and let them know your concerns and observations. It may be possible to go with a lighter convexity and still get the benefits without causing your stoma to retract. 

I would also caution against the use of convexity this soon after surgery as that unnecessary pressure it causes may result in complications during your recovery. 

Best of luck!

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