PrettyLittleCurls Ostomy Pouch Covers – REVIEW (w/ video)

PrettyLittleCurls pouch review feature

There’s a group of ostomate who love decorating their pouches; Be it with patterned duct tape or pouch covers. I haven’t ventured into any DIY projects (at least not yet), but I love seeing what others make for themselves. I came across a photo of a nice looking ostomy pouch cover on Twitter that caught my attention.

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Grandma’s Hands ostomy pouch cover – REVIEW

Many ostomates feel more self-conscious about their body than the average person.  Sometimes we use special clothing, wraps or products like the Stealth Belt to boost our comfort and confidence, but many of us feel most comfortable when we keep things simple.  An ostomy pouch cover can help, and today I’ll be reviewing two from Grandma’s Hands.

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