PrettyLittleCurls Ostomy Pouch Covers – REVIEW (w/ video)

PrettyLittleCurls pouch review feature

There’s a group of ostomate who love decorating their pouches; Be it with patterned duct tape or pouch covers. I haven’t ventured into any DIY projects (at least not yet), but I love seeing what others make for themselves. I came across a photo of a nice looking ostomy pouch cover on Twitter that caught my attention.

I hadn’t seen anything like it and became excited that the same style would be sold on Etsy. So when I got the news that they were ready to be ordered, I quickly hopped on the PrettyLittleCurls Etsy store and purchased three pouches. I review those pouches today.

Disclosure: The products used in this review were purchased, and the seller had no role to play in the review content.

Video Review

PrettyLittleCurls Ostomy Pouch Covers - VIDEO REVIEW
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About these Pouch Covers

These pouch covers come in two fabric choices: fleece and thin cotton. Both options work well, but the fleece is really nice as a nighttime pouch cover.

There are many patterns to choose from, accommodating both men and women, and there’s also solid black if you don’t need a pattern.  These are also handmade I went with the ones below, and I was gifted a black cover for being the first customer.

Pouch covers from PrettyLittleCurls
The covers that I ordered

The design of each pouch is simple but functional. All of them are closed-bottom and have an opening in the back that’ll fit just about any style of ostomy pouch. Because they don’t have a pre-sized circle opening, you can very easily put this your pouch, and just as easily remove it when it comes time to empty your pouch.

New (June 2016):

I was informed that new patterns have been added to the product line!

My Experience

Using both opaque (cloth-covered) and clear pouches, I could fit the pouch cover in less than 10 seconds, but I found the clear pouches allow the cover to slide on more easily than the cloth pouches.

They easily fit the Hollister New Image and Coloplast Sensura Click pouches, and the owner of the Etsy store, Katie, has used these covered on several styles herself, including ConvaTec pouches. With the Hollister 18183 pouches, the covers were a perfect fit, and it hardly feels like you’re wearing it when using the thin cotton style.

At no point did these covers come off or even feel like they would, not even while wearing them to bed or while I was out in public.

Because they don’t have a bottom opening for drainable pouches, they don’t hang really low like I’ve seen other pouch covers do. This keeps the covers discrete, but it won’t conceal any bumps under your clothing like an ostomy wrap would.

Frontal view pouch cover grey
My favorite pattern
Frontal view pouch cover

Update after using these for eight years(!)

The bottom of the covers eventually get holes in them as the outlet rubs on it. I’ve patched mine up by sewing another layer in the bottom and they’ve continue to hold up better than I would have ever imagined.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Etsy store that these are sold from tends to be open and closed due to the shop owner’s health.

International shipping is also available, and shipping costs are calculated based on size and weight of the package.


  • Really affordable.
  • Not bulky.
  • Works with just about every appliance I’ve used.
  • Comes in a huge variety of patterns.
  • Does a great job concealing the contents of your bag.
  • Can be used with both 2pc and 1pc appliances.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Durable (I’ve had mine for over two years now!)
  • Light (won’t cause you to sweat)
  • International shipping.


  • Doesn’t flatten/lower the profile of your appliance.
  • Because it’s universal, it’s not fitted exactly to the size of your appliance (not really a huge issue).
  • Closed bottom means you have to take the cover off to empty your appliance (plus: this may be preferred as it keeps the pouch cover minimal).

Highly Recommended

If you like to decorate your pouches, or if you’d just like to keep the pouch contents of your transparent pouch hidden, I’d recommend giving these pouch covers a try.

Their low-cost, comfort and style makes them a bargain.

For more info, please visit:

Question: Do you use pouch covers?

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  1. Unfortunately, they are closed temporarily. According to the note most recently updated April 6, 2019, part of which is, “Due to medical and personal reasons I am no longer able to complete the steps needed to create these covers in a reasonable time frame.”

  2. I’m trying to contact Pretty Little Girls about ordering, so far can’t reach anyone. I have questions. Help! I’m new to this. This site was recommended to me.

  3. I just checked out this Etsy site and it states that their sewing machine is in the shop and may not make it. Orders are being refunded.


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