C&S Ostomy Pouch Cover: REVIEW

C&S pouch cover review

A great pouch cover can add style and comfort to your ostomy appliance, and I’m always on the lookout for new ones to wear.

I was asked by C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers to review three styles of their pouch covers, which they sent to me at no extra cost. This has not influenced my opinions about these covers.

About C&S Pouch Covers

Product name: Pouch Covers and Quick Dry Cover
Manufacturer: C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers
Product #: n/a (no product code as these are custom made)
Size: Sizes will vary depending on your appliance size; custom alternations can be requested.
Quantity per package: 1 pouch cover per package; set of six is also available.

CS ostomy pouch cover denim front
One of the many patterns available

C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers offers a vast assortment of bag covers, but in this review, I’ll be covering two different styles of their men’s covers, as well as a quick dry cover that anyone can use.

While I’ve used the men’s covers, C&S offers pouch covers for women and children, too. From what I can tell, only the patterns are different (and the children’s sizes are smaller).

I love that their covers are available in a range of patterns, including ones with cheeky sayings on them. While I’m not a coffee drinker, their “Contents: Coffee of the day” cover caused me to laugh at the inside joke.

Their standard covers are made of a cotton and poly blend, and are 100% machine washable (I still prefer to handwash these, however).

The quick dry covers are made of a terry cloth material, and they’re designed to help dry your appliance after a shower (or other watch activity) by absorbing excess moisture.

CS ostomy pouch cover quick dry front
Front of the quick dry cover. It’s like a towel for your appliance :)
CS ostomy pouch cover quick dry back
Back of the quick dry cover.

All of their standard covers come with an option to have them made with an open end (at an additional cost). This option comes in handy if you use a drainable bag, and the company says they recommend them to urostomates who empty their appliance through a spout.

These pouch covers are made to fit your particular appliance’s flange size and pouch length. I find that as long as I stay consistent with my appliance size, I’m able to wear different bands with the same cover.

I also find that it doesn’t matter whether I’m using a 1pc or 2pc appliance, as the covers fit nicely on either.

If you’re interested in having your pouch cover altered, the company can accommodate, although it may be at an extra cost.

Using the Quick Dry Cover

Because of the unique characteristics of the quick dry cover, you’ll only want to use them when you need a convenient way to dry your appliance after a shower or swimming.

The thickness and bulkiness also make it hard to wear while going out since it’s quite obvious under clothing.  Realistically, though, use the standard pouch covers if you’re looking for everyday wear, not the quick dry covers.

Wearing quick dry CS ostomy pouch cover
The quick dry cover is too bulky to wear all day, but that’s not what it’s for.

To use the quick dry cover, you slip one on after getting out of a shower (or pool) and go on with the rest of your routine.

The cover will absorb excess moisture and keep your pouch dryer than leaving it to air dry in a shorter amount of time.

If you are wearing an opaque pouch (no fabric covering) or if you dry your appliance with a hair drier, this quick dry cover is likely going to be unnecessary.

Daily Use

I’ve worn both the closed and open end pouch covers for several weeks now, and they’ve worked well for me.

Both styles are comfortable, and fit my appliances well, but my preference leans me to the closed pouch cover.

CS ostomy pouch cover denim fit
These covers fit nicely around my appliance.

While an open end can be convenient, I find that because it doesn’t close shut with Velcro or buttons, it just dangles around and exposes the outlet of my bag too much for my personal liking.

I also find that it makes emptying my bag a little more cumbersome as it takes some extra care to make sure that the bottom of the pouch cover doesn’t get soiled as I’m emptying my bag.

Wearing drainable CS ostomy pouch cover side view
While the drainable cover offers convenience, I don’t like how exposed it is.

That said, it’s so easy to remove the cover and put it back on that I don’t mind doing it every time I empty my bag.

These covers can keep a very low profile depending on the appliance used, but 1-piece bags will be the flattest.

CS ostomy pouch cover denim with one piece side view
The covers are incredibly flat when using a 1pc (Cymed 1pc being worn in this photo).

I have noticed that the “off the shelf” size of these covers do tend to run wider and longer than my appliance, which gives the appearance of being bulkier.  Remember, you can have these covers altered to your liking (possibly at an additional cost) if you do want them to fit more snugly with your appliance.

Note: I do need to mention that because the opening in these covers are not elastic, I would caution using these at night or allowing your pouch to get too full – you may have a tough time removing the cover if you do![


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), these pouch covers can be purchased for US$14.95 each, plus the cost of postage.  C&S will ship internationally, although the postage will vary depending on your location and how many covers you have on the order.


  • Well made covers.
  • Durable materials used.
  • Conceals entire appliance (closed cover only).
  • Moderately priced (multi-packs are also available at a discount).
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in many different patterns.
  • Comfortable.
  • Can provide some protection against irritation caused by your bag.
  • Fits well on both 2pc and 1pc appliances.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Can be ordered with an open end bottom (see cons).
  • Available in children’s sizes.


  • Some may find these covers too large (wide).
  • The open end covers do not adequately hide the bottom of your bag/drainage spout.
  • Pouch may be difficult to remove from cover if it gets too full or balloons.


The pouch covers from C&S are high-quality and work as I’d expect.  While my preference is for the closed covers, urostomates would appreciate the convenience of using the open end covers.

There are advantages to using the quick dry covers, although they may not be as useful or convenient to all ostomates.

If you’d like more information about these pouch covers, please visit: https://cspouchcovers.com/

Question: Have you used these pouch covers? How has your experience been?

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