Niltac (Sensi-Care) Adhesive Remover Wipes: REVIEW (w/ video)

Niltac adhesive remover wipe packet

Perhaps one of the most useful ostomy supplies (for me at least) are adhesive remover products.  

Not only do they make removing my wafer a snap, but they clean up any residue that might be left over from my wafer, medical tape or even barrier rings.  

I’ve used a lot of brands, but I keep coming back to this one in particular, and I’d like to give my review on it today.


Niltac (Sensi-Care) Adhesive Remover Wipe's by ConvaTec: REVIEW
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About the Product

Note: ConvaTec brands this product as either Niltac or Sensi-Care depending on where they are being sold. These products are identical, so this review can also apply to Sensi-Care Adhesive Remover products.  It is my understanding that Sensi-Care will eventually be the name for all Niltac products.

Niltac, which is a brand owned by ConvaTec, comes in either a spray or wipes.  While they are both adhesive remover products, they also have their own benefits and drawbacks.  

I find that sprays are best to help remove wafers, while wipes are better for cleaning up any residue.  Because this product is silicone-based, it’s quite skin-friendly and does not sting.

The Niltac wipes come in boxes of 30 individually sealed packets, and a single box often lasts me several months depending on how often I’m changing my appliance, or whether I’m using them to remove other types of adhesive residue.  Keep in mind that these wipes are meant to only be used once, and then discarded.

I love that these wipes are big! They measure 12cm x 16cm (approx 4.75″ x 6.30″) and are a bit larger than what many other brands give you, which means you don’t have to use more than one wipe for an appliance change.

Niltac adhesive remover wipes box
Niltac and Sensi-Care Adhesive Remover Wipes are the same.
Niltac adhesive remover wipe inside of box
There is no wasted space in this box.
Niltac adhesive remover wipe packet
Individually sealed and easy to travel with.
Niltac adhesive remover wipe texture
Close-up texture of the wipe, which really helps to get stubborn gunk off.

How I Use This Product

I’m a fan of using adhesive remover spray when it comes to taking off my wafer, but these wipes do a better job at removing certain types of adhesive residue after I’ve used a spray.  

Because the wipes allow you to scrub the area (do it GENTLY!), it’s nice to use for cleanup before continuing with the rest of your skin prep routine.

I should make it clear that you do not have to use both sprays and wipes together, and some ostomates might be fine using one or the other. In come cases, I don’t use adhesive remover wipes at all.

Where I find the wipes to be particularly effective is when it comes to removing residue left over from the barrier rings I use, or adhesive leftover from my wafer (happens a lot with the Hollister tape border product I use) or “gunk” that’s left over from using medical tape.  Not only that, but wipes are easier to carry in a travel bag compared to aerosol sprays.

Does It Work?

Yes, and they work well!  Unlike some products, the Niltac wipes don’t leave an oily residue on the skin, but I always wipe my skin clean with a wet gauze pad after using any adhesive remover product “just in case”; if there’s any residue left on the skin, your next wafer may not stick very well.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Niltac adhesive remover wipes sell for approx. CDN$28 per box of 30 (part number TR102).

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of adhesive removers.

Depending on where you live, this product might be sold under the Niltac or Sensi-Care name, and either should be available wherever you can find ConvaTec ostomy supplies.

Note: The Niltac website use to offer free samples, but I don’t see that option anymore.  


  • They work well.
  • No oily residue.
  • Unscented.
  • Silicone based and very skin friendly (non-stinging).
  • No animal ingredients.
  • They are large enough to clean up large areas of skin.
  • Individually packaged for easy travel and storage.
  • Widely available.


  • Often leaves a white residue on my fingers, which is easy enough to clean, but still annoying.
  • At over $1 per wipe, it can be expensive if you’re using them for more than just an appliance changes.

Highly Recommended

To find out more about the Niltac Adhesive Remover wipes, please visit:

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