Just A Drop In-Pouch Ostomy Deodorant – REVIEW

In my ongoing desire to find more great ostomy products, I came across a Canadian brand that has been famous for their in-toilet deodorant products, but they also have ostomy pouch deodorants, too.  Today I’ll be reviewing the Just a Drop Lightly Scented pouch deodorant.

About the product

This product comes in a blue liquid, which is common among pouch deodorants, so be mindful not to get it on your clothes.

It’s also scented with eucalyptus, which smells like a nice mouthwash or chewing gum.

I find the smell quite pleasant, but some people may not like how strong it is, or they might not like the smell itself.

Unfortunately, unlike the brand’s original in-toilet deodorant, these drops come in only one scent.

It should be noted that this product is strictly for odor reduction, and is not a pouch lubricant. For many ileostomates, this likely won’t be of much concern.

I have also confirmed with the company that none of their products contain animal-ingredients, so this is suitable for vegans.

30ml bottle of Just a Drop Lightly Scented ostomy drops
30ml bottle of Just a Drop Lightly Scented ostomy drops

These drops are available in two sizes: a 1oz (30ml) “travel size” and an 8oz (240ml) bottle.  The sample bottle I received is the 30ml size and it seems to last forever, likely due to the tiny amount that’s required.

How to use this product

Like similar deodorants, you add several drops to the inside of your pouch every time you empty your pouch.

Ironically, although the product is called “Just A Drop”, you do have to use more than that.

The instructions suggest using 4 to 12 drops, which is far less than what other pouch deodorants recommended.

This will help keep your expenses low, and a single bottle will last you for a very long time.

Using a standard calculation of approx. 20 drops per ml, a travel size bottle will last nearly three months if you’re using four drops SEVEN times a day!

For a colostomate who uses it less often, this will last well over 6 months.

At night, when I know my pouch will fill up before I get a chance to empty it, I tend to use 8 drops. For daytime use, 4 to 6 drops works well. I never had to use 12 drops.

Does it work?

In one word, yes!

Not only did this product work to eliminate odors for me, but it leaves a fresh scent behind using minimal quantities. 

With many pouch deodorants, I often start with the minimum recommended quantity, and end up needing to use the maximum recommended quantity (or more) for them to be effective.

With the Just a Drop Lightly Scented drops, I use the minimum amount, and it works. 

The drops were so effective that it would often work through several pouch empties without having to add more every time. 

This comes in particularly useful when I go out and want the convenience of not having to use the drops in public; I simply add a few extra drops before leaving the house, and I’m worry free until I get home.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the 30ml bottles sell for approx. CDN$7.99, and the 240ml bottles are approx. CDN$29.95.  

I’ve seen this brand being sold on Amazon, and it can be ordered in Canada and the rest of the world, either through the company website or online retailers who carry it.  

I don’t believe the company offers free samples outright, although they did send some mini bottles that I could give to family and friends.


  • Very effective as an odor neutralizer and deodorant.
  • Extremely cost effective.
  • A single use often lasts longer than most deodorants.
  • Pleasant scent (but not everyone will like it).
  • Two sizes available.


  • Blue color might stain clothes if you aren’t careful.
  • Comes in only one scent.
  • Will not work as a lubricant.
  • Only available in Canada (use to be available in the US and internationally).

Highly Recommended

Perhaps one of the most effective ostomy pouch deodorants I’ve used, Just a Drop Lightly Scented deodorant is something to try if pouch odor is a concern for you.

If you’d like more information, please visit Just a Drop at https://prelamshop.com/

Question: Have you used this product? How did it work for you?

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Cheryl Fardon
Cheryl Fardon(@cheryl-fardon)
3 years ago

I don’t like the ingredient lists in all these pouch deodorisers. Just wondering how a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil would go in the pouch?

3 years ago

Is just a drop ostomy the same as just a drop extra strength? Thank you Diana

5 years ago

This product is not available in the United States. Boo!

5 years ago

Such a shame! It looks like only the “Extra Strength” version is sold in the US now, but that’s an in-toilet deodorant and doesn’t work the same as this one here.

I’ll be updating this review with that information.

Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett
7 years ago

Hi, I have tried several deodorants over the years but none work as well for me as the SG3 that I have been using for over 14 years now. I pay $18.50 less 20% at Shoppers Home Health store for the 240 ml bottle. WaterMaster.

3 years ago
Reply to  Robert Bennett

I’m next to Moncton, NB. We have a Shoppers Drug Mart Home Health Care store. Would they also have this product? I ordered through Amazon Canada and requested just a drop OSTOMY paid nearly $40.00 and They have sent me extra strength only, no mention no where on the bottle of OSTOMY. I will not be buying through them again. I caution your other buyers seeking the product. Thank you so very, very much for your information and taking the time to share. It has been a great help to me.