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Guest Speaker at Ostomy Toronto

I was the guest speaker at last night’s Ostomy Toronto meeting.  It was interview style and so many questions were asked and answered. I had such a blast and hope that the attendees had fun too.

The interview questions I was asked revolved around my ostomy (obviously) and what led me to get a stoma, but also how it changed my life.  

Surprisingly, I got a lot of questions about veganism and probably could have stayed there for days talking about it!  

There was also a lot of talk about ostomy products and techniques on how to care for an ostomy – everyone offered their own tips and suggestions.

Groups like that really help me to gain some understanding on which direction I should take the blog, and what kind of content should be focused on.  I do plan on writing more ostomy tips, how-to’s and that sort of thing.  I will eventually get to making more videos – I promise!

If you’ve never been to a support group, I highly recommend it!

Love my ostomy awareness apparel :)
Love my ostomy awareness apparel :)

A big thanks goes out to Ostomy Toronto for the invite, and thank you to all the guests who attended! 

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