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Let it Snow, Let it...

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...  

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March 8, 2019 1:09 am  

Thank you, I must admit I was a bit in tears after writing that because it did bring forward more recent memories of my hubby and winter. Doug took a friends granddaughter outside and started a whopping snowball fight that went went on for an hour. The young girl must have had as much energy to burn as he did. Also, my hubby was a bit of a "lets have fun with this" type of guy", water fights in the house and such. He started a dare at the fire house to do a first for our town "polar Bear swim" on New Years Day. If I remember right there were 7 guys that went in that first Jack Frost winter. We had had a foot of snow and they had to cut the ice with the chain saws to find the water. The water was steaming in the cold and wind, but they all went in.  The year he was diagnosed with cancer, a group of  firemen that always went Ice Fishing, invited Doug along. They provided all the warm equipment he would need. Unfortunately, being on the thin side, he just found it too cold to stay outdoors for more then an hour at a time. They trucked him back and forth on the skidos.  Not wanting to risk his health. He did a fair deal of the cooking that weekend, something he loved to do. The thing is, this is something he always wanted to try, and he had a great time. They told me when they dropped him off at home that they had never eaten so well on these weekends. It was talked about at his funeral. One last little diddy, the winter his Mom was dieing cancer we traveled four hours one way every weekend to see her in the hospital. Winter is nasty on our big highway. It pays to take caution and pack blankets, pillows, hot drinks, and very warm clothes, candles and matches when travelling in winter. We used them all. The wind was blowing and a heavy snowfall began about an hour in, on our way home. The highway dept. could not keep up with clearing it. The snow was being sucked under the car and into the fan area eventually freezing it useless. We had to stop every five or so mins. of travel to clean it out. At one point, we could not start the car again. No help in sight. I remember being terrified that someone would nail the back end of the car that very cold dark night.  We were praying that God would get us out of there and keep us safe and warm. About an hour later and feeling the cold in the car, and thru the heavy blankets and such, we see this really high up bright light coming straight at us.  When it stopped, and the wind shifted we saw  flashing orange lights. A knock at the window, and a man was standing there asking how we were doing? He said the highways dept. sent him and his snow plow to find us. Not your regular snow plow, one where you could stand in the wheel well and have head space. Turns out we had been counted, and missed. We never showed on the other side in a timely fashion, so, they looked for us. He helped get the car started and with the engine warmed, we followed him closely to get off the highway.  We are still ever so grateful to those who counted, looked, found us and saw us safely off that highway. They were not expecting snow for that area that night, but clouds had rolled in and the snow fell heavily. Talking to the police on the other side, they told us that no one else was let on that highway after us that night. We had not thought to ask someone to, but the police had received three phone calls that a family was in trouble on the Connector. Memories are special gifts. Write them down and tell them to the grands. It is family history. I miss the man and all the adventure he provided something fierce. We had 4 inches of snow last night, a bit of a melt today, and the white stuff is falling again tonight. I rather love winter, but there IS something to be said for spring!


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March 12, 2019 6:15 pm  

I find my conscience bothering me after reading all of these memories and current events of the winter. Once again I find myself in rehab for the winter that makes three in a row now road now. ( call me strange but I love to jump into my four-wheel drive and go for a spin in the snow. Find a big empty parking lot and make donuts.! )  about 2 months ago I went home from rehab and I managed to stay for a week and then ended up back in the hospital with another surgery (that makes 7 now in the past 2 years) and then as usual back to rehab. Here in Spokane we have had about 10 in of snow in the same time. That you guys were talking about it so it must have been like a nationwide storm, and it did snow yet again today but just a little bit enough to make it pretty to look out the window. I guess I'm lucky to have missed having to walk around on icy streets and sidewalks since I'm not really walking all that well yet. Anyway once again I have been a spectator to the snow and the Sub-Zero temperatures. Hope you all made it through safely at are looking forward to a beautiful spring I am.

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