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Dressing with an Ostomy: A Clothing Guide for Women  

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March 9, 2019 5:21 pm  

Bang on John! My surgeries were c-sections from left to right and then the bowel surgeries, leaving me with a scar about an inch and a half wide from the V in my rib area down. Basically I have a large upside down " T."Between babies, surgeries and tests,weall seem to loose a little of our so called pride. So I would have not one single issue wearing mens undies for the comfort factor!  The wide elastic does not roll down the way the thin elastic does. Plus, it is way more comfy on the scar areas, especially the first weeks after surgery. I love this idea and I am sure it will be more affordable then something with lace. I sew, so if I required that touch of femininity I can sew a certain space closed, and add some lace just for fun. Two pairs of underwear in our heat, I would manage just fine for the pouch comfort factor. Plus I think I could eliminate the snug elastic thin strapped shirts I wore last year, I did find them on the warm side, especially in the back area. Comfy yes, but they were warm. Anyways, such a great idea you two! Thanks again.


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