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Recommendations for Skin barrier/protective wipes?  


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February 3, 2019 4:25 pm  

In the product reviews there is an excellent discussion about adhesive removers which helped me a lot. 

I wold love to get recommendations or see a discussion in regard to the skin prep protective barrier wipes. Is there one that stands out from the rest. I have  stoma that is close to the skin and I need something to protect the skin. 


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February 4, 2019 5:43 am  

Hi Captrue, first of all with a low stoma I am sure you are using a convex wafer. No doubt good skin care starts with no leaks plus careful removal and cleaning of the skin. Yes the barrier wipes can be a useful item and I have used back and fore over the years. The product I have used is niltac by Convatec. I have read on the  site that some barrier wipes can shorten the wear time but I change between 2/3 days so no issues. But always remember it’s too easy to use too many products and taking time to clean the skin well and have a good look it around the stoma is so important. Great topic to bring up and look forward to other comments 

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February 4, 2019 11:26 am  

I personally do not use barrier wipes because they tend to cause more issues than they are supposed to fix. 

For one, they should not be used when using "extended wear" appliances. They also tend to be pretty expensive if you're paying for supplies. 

If given a choice, I do prefer the wipes over sprays - and I haven't found many differences from one product to another, although some wipes are very small and you need to use more than one at a time. 

I second the suggestion of using a convex appliance - but make sure that your nurse advises you on this since convexity may cause secondary challenges. 

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February 4, 2019 12:14 pm  

Hi Captrue . I received my Norman 9/19/16 and have used Adapt protective wipes (7917) and Adapt remover wipes (7760) both from Hollister ever since . I use a 2 piece and a convex barrier and I change my barrier 2 times a week and my bag about every 2/3 days . It has all worked out good for me doing it this way . I have not tried the sprays but like Eric says the wipes are pretty small I use 4 for removing and 1 for protecting when I change .

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February 17, 2019 2:23 am  

Hello Capture...I use Coloplast skin barrier wipes. The one time I forgot to use the wipes, due to a sleepy middle of the night change, I ended up with anther leak. The skin was rashy and very painful in a very short time and it took a long time to heal, about three weeks. I use the spray and the wipes now. After cleaning and drying the skin I use the spray, if I spray on too much I will then use a wipe to mop up the excess. Also, if too much is used, I have found that it feels like my pouch has not adhered as well as to me as it should feel. Felt kind of like thick loose plastic  on contact wife my fingers. Remember that skin type has a lot to do with using it or not. Also, climate. I live in hot dry in summer, and cold dry in winter. Plus my skin is on the dry side and I get eczema, so I take all this into consideration with my choices. Just a side note here, perspiration should be considered also.