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Pouch colours

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Hi, I know of the  Pelican Modavi pouches coming in Black and Nude colour,  also Salts Confidence.Be coming in Black / White / Nude - are there any other that come in Black or White?

Also the texture of the Salts Confidence.Be and the Sensura Mio pouches is gorgeous like silk.

I find alot of the nude colours appear dated and drab.  Albeit they are only bags for collecting waste, but they could do with a bit of colour change.  Theres always the option of a pouch cover for a bit of variety, but its a nuisance putting it on/taking it off with the amount of times in one day that i have to empty my appliance.

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Pouch color options really suck big time. No real options for people of color, no real options for making your pouch not look like a medical device, etc.

I tend to use pouch covers or something similar, because my bags are clear (I don't like fabric bags at all). But yes, they are a pain to constantly manage, and they don't always stay on.

It's nice to see big companies like Coloplast or Salts at least doing something, but it's really not enough.

Whenever you can, send feedback directly to manufacturers asking for other pouch color options. At some point, they'll need to address the demand.

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