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Hollister pouch with a filter  


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February 9, 2020 2:42 pm  

Tried a sample filtered bag sent from Hollister. I have to say that the filter really works -  but, for me, the filter created quite a vacuum like shrink-wrapping! I wore it for a day before changing to my usual Hollister pouch (I use the two piece set) which I can either burp at the coupling, if I am careful, or open the bottom. For someone with more of a gas situation these would work well, I think - the pouch stayed very close to my body, so I liked the way I looked, but I didn’t like emptying because the sides of the pouch were really stuck together. Again, this is how it was for me, and everyone is different.

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February 9, 2020 6:24 pm  

Hi, isn't weird how one filter works for some reason on certain people, and not on others? I could not get the Hollister filter to work for me and I have a lot of gas. I am trying the coloplast mio two piece and so far for about a month the are working very well. Only one ballooning issue so far.

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February 9, 2020 9:46 pm  
Posted by: @llholiday

I have to say that the filter really works -  but, for me, the filter created quite a vacuum like shrink-wrapping!

The vacuum effect is a sign of the filter working well, and for that problem I suggest covering the outside of the filter with a sticker. Oddly enough, hollister does not include a filter sticker, but nearly all other brands do. 

When you need it to de-gas you simply peel the sticker back. 👍 

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February 10, 2020 1:09 pm  

Yes, this can be a problem.  If I get too much suction, I place a piece of scotch tape over "part" of the filter. I also use the osto-e z -vents for gas.  I too get a lot of it. When I get bloated it is very painful for me, so I use Gas-x, after foods like bread or something with a lot of fiber, like a salad, chili. Gas-x can take a few hours to work, it is not instant, but usually by day 2,  I see results.  Taken before a gassy meal to start, then from there, after a meal, for me, then one at bedtime. it's doing great so far.

The vents are fabulous but it would be very  helpful If the pouches came with them on! After day 2  of wearing a pouch  with a filter, they seem to clog, so the vents are a gift to me. Hollister 8331, this vent is relatively small and when moisture clogged, I place a square of TP over the vent, holding the bag top and squeeze.  Slide it between your thumbs, from right to left.  This gives it more working time most of the time. I get 5 to 8 days from a pouch. The E Z  vents have one flaw... the little wings to help it out of its plug , become weak and one or both, will come off by day 4 or 5. I open  mine a lot it seems! Lol! You can still open the Vents by holding the round disk of the plug base.

Good topic!