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A Mini Guide to Ostomy Supplies: Protective Sheets (w/ Video)

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Hi Bob, Welcome to the forum. A few questions, Are you measuring and getting a good fit around the stoma with the wafer. Also is your stoma at skin level or does it protrude. If it’s level a convex wafer May be useful.And do you have access to a stoma nurse. Getting a routine and the right product can be tricky, but when sorted you will see results and yer confidence will grow.🤗

ileostomy 31st August 1994 for Crohns

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Sorry for late reply-

Yes, good fit- The ostomy protrudes about 1 1/2 inch or so- The hollister barrier just does not stick well or absorb effluent like the brava barrier seal does-
I was able to get 4 days out of one brava sheet- and i probably could have gone another day but it was time i think to change- then i put another sheet on, and put my pouch over it like usual- tried to go three days- but after the 2'nd night, i woke up in morning and had a huge mess- The seal between the hollister barrier and the brava barrier seal did not stick Well enough to stop the contents from going between the two barriers, and who knows how long it was leaking- but it broke out during the 2'nd night at some point.

The brava barrier sheet is really sticky on one side- the side that goes against the skin- but the other side is almost waxy feeling- not sure how the hollister barrier is supposed to stick well to that side? But the first several times i used the brava barrier, the two stuck really well- the time it didn't- it was disastrous and i dont know why it didn't stick well-

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