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Where Did I Go? (Sept 2018 Update)  

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Jennifer Mayhall
 Jennifer Mayhall
(@Jennifer Mayhall)
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November 14, 2018 2:59 am  

I’m sorry you are struggling right now with all of that.
Never doubt you are a great inspiration to so many, including me. (Even contemplating a severe change in my “animal” diet after reading/watching you)
I know you want to help your family member, I really do. I have several family members just like that. And it does take its toll on you. I was very close with a few of them until their drug/drugs of choice changed them 😔 I hope you can find peace with yourself. Bc I’m sure you have tried. It’s just that that person isn’t ready yet. I’m so sorry.

Social media is a high level anxiety for me. I’d never be as brave as you to share what you have.
Times are just too different now. And I’m not exactly PC. I don’t mean things the way they are taken and I get confused. I don’t like the feeling of knowing I hurt someone’s feelings just bc I got mixed up. I would never do it on purpose. And I’ll leave that there lol.

As for your vaccines.
I’m sorta new at all this. I’ve had symptoms for 15 years but was never believed until the last 6. And then only by 2 local small town doctors. My very wonderful GI and a fantastic general surgeon.
On my very first appointment with the GI he warned me against getting ANY vaccine. Ever. I don’t really remember all of that conversation as it was a while back and many other health issues since.
I don’t know your exact circumstances, but I know you know how to do much more research than I.
I was told not even a flu vaccine, as it would buy me more time in the hospital. Something about crohns, crohns meds, and weakened immune systems. Said just bc they are not live viruses, it would still make awful things happen. If at a time I really had to have something to contact him first if not an emergent situation.
I was a nurse for years, so ALWAYS kept up on the variety of vaccines. They were free. And supposed to make you not get sick, right?? It always made me ill. In all different ways. Weird joint swelling, not being able to move anything, like I was paralyzed, sometimes for hours. I could only cry. Sometimes severe diarrhea/vomiting. Anything really. But always after the vaccine. Again I was told I was just crazy. Making it up. Eventually Bc of my supposed psychosomatic symptoms I had to stop working. I stopped vaccines. And although I’ve been pretty sick, and some of the symptoms never fully went away after the various vaccines, I have not had those kinds of problems. And *knock on wood* I’ve not had the flu or anything in years. I do my best with hand washing, staying away from sick people, etc. Lots of disinfecting lol.
After I met my GI and he told me to not get them, it all made sense. I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly why.
I hope this makes any kind of sense. I don’t post all that often on anything anymore bc my mind changed too with the sicknesses. People say I don’t make sense fairly often lol!
One last thing, I am a bit🤪
However I was really truly sick. I had colon removed 9/11/18 and got my ileostomy.
At my small hospital there’s only one RN who is also certified as the WOCn. She was on vaca. I was stuck in icu for 3 weeks having a bit of a tantrum and pretending none of this was really happening 😬. I was dc’ed and am receiving home health. My reg nurse is wonderful, with basics. The WOCN I don’t care for.
With your help from the blogs and videos, I just can’t describe how you’ve helped me, and I’m sure others. You’ve saved my life. I’m great now after surgery and a crohns flare 6weeks post op.
Thank you!!!

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January 7, 2019 10:47 pm  

I found you on YouTube because my 95 years old father has had a stomia for 37 seven years now and I want to prepare myself to help him with it in case he gets to that point. Since he manages very well on his own, I have not yet crossed the threshold of intimacy it involves between a gentleman of that age and his 60 years old daughter. Your video has taught me a lot to understand what it involves. Thanks a lot.

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