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Sudden allergic reaction to Wafer?

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I have had the same Wafers and supplies for over a year and a half. A few days ago developed itchiness close to the edge of the Wafer. A small section is slightly red. No pain though. The Wafer works great otherwise. Is there anything that I can do to stop the itchiness before putting it on? It's puzzling to me that after all this time that the small section is itchy.

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Hi Jillian, Could it be a sight bit of pulling by the wafer. When putting on a new one rotate it slightly to give that bit a chance to heal. If it was a reaction to the wafer it would be all over. That’s just my thoughts.

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hey Jillian , sometimes its just itchy from contact with output , I find washing the area with diluted head and shoulders helps a little , just make sure to rinse off well , and dry well and apply small amount of stoma powder , a cold wet cloth helps as well after washing .

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Posted by: @john68

Could it be a sight bit of pulling by the wafer.

This would be my guess, too. I've had the same happen to me.

An allergic reaction would cause your skin, all of it under the wafer, to become very red. It's rare, and it's not subtle.

@jillian, when you apply your wafer, are you standing, sitting, laying down? Do you stretch or pull your skin when applying the wafer?

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Jillian, I find my skin gets itchy if I don’t get all the sticky residue from the previous flange off my skin. I’m really careful now to wash well with soap and water, and then I use an adhesive remover just to be sure. In hot weather, I find that I get itchy sometimes, but a stoma powder helps with that.



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