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ever since my surgery three months ago I have been eating quite a bit and working out with handweights and elliptical bike trying to gain back the 25 pounds I lost, and the strength that I lost.

I could barely get up from a squat after my surgery, that is how weak I had become. Now, I have noticed a rising like a volcano around the stoma and fear it could be a hernia. I don’t recall if I had this from surgery or if maybe I caused it by working out, any thoughts.

could this get worse or is this the way I would live as long as I don’t have any pain. I don’t do intense workouts just some light weights and a bike. Trying to build my strength up for a second surgery coming up soon. Do you think when they remove the rectum that they would repair this also, or am I getting worried about nothing?  Anyone else have a volcano type situation?